18 November 2010

Dear Addison

Dear Addison,
I love the way you sleep. You are a perfect little angel.

I love the way you smile in your sleep and when I'm looking at you, I think it's just for me.

I love the way you love me like you love no one else. Sure, other people can hold you, but if you're fussing and I come snatch you up, you stop crying immediately. That's a mommy/daughter bond right there.

I love how you nurse at night and you're wide awake for the first few minutes and then those precious eyelids start to droop and there's no turning back.

I love how you love your sister. It is inevitable that anytime she's paying attention to you, you are smiling at her. Even when she's not paying attention to you, I'll catch you gazing up at her with such little sister awe. I know the feeling, sweet one.

I love how you tolerate oatmeal. You don't whine or complain. You make faces, sure, but nary a peep.

I love that you wear cloth diapers.

I love how when big sister loves on you and is all in your face, you try to eat her hair. You don't get mad that all that hair is in your face, you just go with it.

I love how you can fall asleep in the car. It's taken me some getting used to because M wouldn't just fall asleep if she was tired. You do and it's awesome.

I love how you can generally still fall asleep anywhere. I'm not always a fan of the nap on the go, but hey, I can't be a shut in, right? And neither can you. :)

I love that you're in 6-9 month clothes and you're not even 5 months old yet. 3-6 months just weren't cutting it.

I love how you sleep with your left arm out, laying palm facing up.

I love how when I put you down for naps lately, I can catch a glimpse of you sucking your left thumb. Like big sister, like little sister.

I love how great of a sleeper you are. You nap three times a day, after being up for roughly two hours at a time. You go to bed at 6:30/7ish every night, eatin' tha boob and you (most of the time) sleep from then until 2 am. Then you are up again at 6 am, but I feed you and put you back down. You talk for a while in your crib and then go back to sleep until 8ish.

I love how much you are talking these days. You are always piping in with a squawk here and a squawk there. The past couple days, you have been full on yelling and I think it's hilarious. You start out small and by the time you're done, you're yelling.

I love that you're my sweet, adorable, precious, amazing baby and I wouldn't have it any other way. You came at just the right time in our life. God knew we needed you, my Addi girl. And He was so, so right.

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