25 November 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today (well everyday) I am thankful for:

•Addison's first Thanksgiving! She can't eat anything that we'll be eating, but still. I'm excited.

•Makayla is 2 years and 11 months old today. She will be 3 in one month. I can't believe it!!

•My amazing husband that does everything he can for our family. He helps me out with everything. He goes to work everyday so that we have money to do pretty much anything we want. He loves me more than anyone on this earth.

•My salvation. I am so thankful that Jesus died for my sins, so that I could live.

•The sisterly bond that Makayla and Addison have. They love each other with such a fierce love, I know they are going to be great friends and do anything for each other.

•Schedules. Without my children's schedules, I would not be able to survive. I love the predictability and I know my girls love it, too.

•Pajama pants. I could not survive any day without my jammers. Heart.

•Dr. Pepper. It is my saving grace in the morning. I wouldn't be able get through the day without my favorite drink.

•Nursing babies. It is such a sweet time, just me and my girl.

•My awesome family. All of them. My mom, my dad, my brother, my cousins, my aunt, my grandma. They are all amazing and I am so blessed that I am related to them.

•Adam's awesome family. I love spending time with them. They are so much fun and I am so glad I can be myself around them now.

•My freedom in this country. I know that we have a lot we take for granted, so I am thankful.

•Running water. Because really, have you thought about what your life would be like without it?

•Chapstick. Dude. 'Nuff said.

•The ability to go to the store whenever I want to get whatever I want.

•Walking. I am so blessed to be able to get up and use my legs every day. We take a lot for granted.

That's just a small list of things I am thankful for. They're all important to me, some big and some small, but all great.

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