01 November 2010


Well, Addison is four months old! She's technically already way past 4 months, but that's where we're gonna start. So what does she do these days, you ask?

•She rolls over from her back to her belly every time she's on her belly! She started seriously doing it yesterday and let me tell you, she. is. serious. She gets super pissed when she rolls over, though, because her one arm is always underneath her and she can't figure out how to get it out, so she tends to have her face buried in the ground and then I come rescue her. :)

•She slept in her crib for the first time ever on Saturday night!! It would have been sooner, but since we were in the process of moving, we never put her crib together...she just slept in her Pack-N-Play.

•Last night we started transitioning away from the blessed swaddle. I'm leaving her left arm out now, just like I did with Makayla.

•She always sucks on her blanket when she goes to sleep. Every time I wrap her, she starts motioning towards her blanket and making this super cute sucking noise until she gets that blankie in her mouth. Her blanket is always soaked when I get her up. So presh.

•She laughs every time I tickle her right armpit or kiss the right corner of her mouth. I love it!!

•We still need to get to the doctor for her four month checkup, but first I need to find a pediatrician!!

Makayla is 2 years and 10 months old. I seriously can't believe how big she is. So what's she been doing, you ask? I'll tell you!!

•Before we left for PA, we were coloring the apartment and she picked up the white crayon (I couldn't wait for her reaction!) and she says, "We need a new crayon. The white one doesn't work." HAHAHA!!

•She is a defiant little bugger. Just today she started SCREAMING at me. Like full blown screaming. She's never done that before.

•She tells me no all the time. It drives me bananas!

•She always tells us when she has to pee.

•She still saves pooping for her Pull-Up, though. We were doing so well and then she totally regressed. Oh well. I know she won't be in high school in Pull-Ups, right? She wears underwear all the time, except naps and bedtime, FYI.

•She loves watching Diego and calls him Dego.

•She always plays with her stuffed animals and makes them have a Mommy, a Daddy and a baby. It's so cute to just watch her play.

•She does this hilarious thing where she'll stand with one foot in front of her and bang her head forward and back. She totally looks like a rocker and I crack up every time.

My girls are so amazing and precious. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful family. I am so very, very blessed.

More on our move and our new house later! We've been super busy unpacking and cleaning this place, so hopefully there'll be pictures soon!! :D

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