09 September 2010

August 10th

So I started a post a long time ago about cute things that happened around the Crockett household, but in true Lindsey fashion, the post went unfinished and forgotten. Until now.

Here are the cute things.

One day, M and I were in Addi's room, just hangin' out and M busted out with this little gem: "I'm Makayla. I'm a big sister! Just like Addison!"

Adam and M were running around the living room and Adam scared M and she screamed super loud. Adam said, "I'm ringing. (As in-his ears.) it's so worth it though!" It's such a true testament to how much he loves his baby girl and I love that.

Whenever we take M to the bathroom she says, "Gotta go to the potty! To da big one!!", all while running really fast and panting. It's hilarious and totally cute. I may have mentioned that one before, but I just did again, so there. :)

I just love my family. Like a ton.

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Mama said...

Love to hear these stories!! Keep telling!!