07 September 2010

Letter to Makayla

Dear Makayla,

Today you are 2 years, 8 months, 1 week and 6 days old. You are such a big girl!! Your personality shines through more and more every day. I swear each day you're doing something new!! You are such a fun little girl to be around.

You love your little sister more than I have ever seen anyone love someone before. It's beautiful to watch you love her. Anytime Addison is crying, you come over and comfort her saying, "It's okay Addison. We're all right here." You constantly bring her toys to play with and look at. You are her number one protector. When people come around that you don't want holding her, you'll say, "That's our baby!!" Also, when she's sleeping, if someone makes too much noise for your liking, you tell them, "Addison sleeping!!"

We went to get sushi with a friend of ours the other day and you totally ate some! Like you ate a whole piece! I kinda freaked out since seaweed is hard to chew, but yet again, you showed me how big you really are. You ate it just fine. And then, you wanted one of the sushi plates because you wanted to eat the orange things that were left on it that Mommy picks off. You know what those orange things were? Fish eggs. And you ate them all. Like licked the plate clean.

Some funny things you say:
"You sad? I dance for you!" And then you proceed to dance this crazy, leg flailing dance that will never get old.

If you're doing something and you aren't really sure how to do it or you need help, you say, "I don't know how to try."

Sometimes you walk around the living room for minutes at a time and when we ask what you're doing, you reply, "I'm just walkin' around!"

You will also say, "I'm just bein' a weirdo!"

On August 31st, I had to wake you up in the morning! You slept and slept and slept until finally, it was 9:45am and I figured you should get up for the day. Most days, even if I don't hear you, when I go in to get you, you're already awake, just laying there. Not this time. You were sound asleep. I went in and rubbed your belly and started telling you it was time to wake you. You woke up slowly, stretching your little arms and legs, while I rubbed your belly some more. Then you laid there and your eyes kept opening and closing very slow. It was such a sweet moment.

You are the greatest big sister and the most amazing little girl in the world. You will always have my heart, my sweet, sweet baby. I love you, my Kayla Bugs.

I love you to the moon and back,
Your Mommy


Nate & Karisa said...

Love this so much. One day she will be able to read this on her own...or when she becomes a mommy and it will be so special. xo

Mama said...

How beautiful....love it....
I love you to the moon and back...
YOUR mommy....

Sarabeth said...

I LOVE this!!!