18 September 2010

Things and Stuff.

Makayla playing with her toys.

She lined up all of her bath toys so she could feed them. She's definitely my OCD child. :)

My heart.

Me and Kayla Bugs on a lazy Saturday morning.

My girls together. LOVE.

Addi girl and her cute little tongue!

She's so sweet!

Makayla's showing off her new Cinderella.

Drool baby!!

Such a big smile!! <3

Love this big girl!!

Check out that drool!! HA!

Makayla and I took a walk tonight after I put Addison to bed. I freaking love that kid. I love both my kids, but I really love the interactions Makayla and I have together. She is just the sweetest thing ever. Nothing crazy happened on our walk...just being with her makes me so very, very happy.

Addison was up from 3:45pm until 7:00pm. I started feeding her at 6:30pm and she fell asleep and I put her down and she woke up and was crying for a little while before she went to bed. But she was up for a LONG time....and she was good!! Granted, she was in the Baby Bjorn the whole time, but hey! She was good. :)

I am SO excited to move to Ohio. Like SO excited. Tonight, M and I were sitting on the couch after our walk and she busted out with, "We're gonna live in Ahio?", out of nowhere! And I said, "Yeah, we are!" Then she said, "We gotta go on a plane first." HA! She's been talking about living in 'Ahio' for a while, but it still always amazes me when she just starts talking about it out of nowhere. She's so funny.

Addison is such a little drooltastic baby!! I asked Adam if Makayla was that drooly at this age and neither of us could remember! I wish I blogged back then! But, I did look at some pictures of M and she was super drooly, too! And this was around the time that I thought M might be teething (she wasn't). Makayla also ate her hands all. the. time. And guess what? So does Addison! Addison also has the cutest bald spot ever. Just like Makayla did! HA! It's funny how similar they've been in their infant time so far.

She also just found her voice yesterday!! Can I just tell you that it is so freaking cute! She does this screechy pterodactyl like noise and I love it. Like a ton. I haven't been able to get it on video yet because every time I put the camera in her face, she stops everything she's doing and just stares at it. It's pretty funny, but I'm hoping I can catch that beautiful voice on camera soon!! I did catch her laughing in video yesterday. OMG.

I love my family so very, very much. I've been blessed with the two most astounding children in the world. They are so special to me and they amaze me every single day. <3

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Mama said...

I love the pictures!! And LOVE the stories about Makayla and Addison! M is sooo smart...gonna live in 'Ahio'?!!! LOVE it!! I am soooo excited to have you all move here!!! Can't wait to see you all whenever I want to!!
Love you bunches,