24 August 2010

Funny Things

Makayla is hilarious. I'm totally not (only) saying that because she's my kid. She is too freaking funny.

I had my 6 week post-partum check up yesterday...two weeks late. Anyway, before we left, I told Makayla that we had to go the doctor for me and she replied with, "We gotta take another Addison outta your belly?" Seriously, where does the kid come up with this stuff?!

Also today she was playing with her giant princess drawing/sticker book thing and she goes, "Mommy, this is my stupid book!" Granted, she shouldn't be saying stupid and I'm just gonna go 'head and assume that she heard that one from me, but nonetheless, it was still pretty hilarious. *Edit*: We were watching Tinkerbell last night and at one part in the movie, Tinkerbell says she doesn't want to be a stupid tinker anymore. SO that's where she got it from. I feel MUCH better now. :)

Also, she loves to take my purse and go to the grocery store. She loves to play with coins and calls them her 'money'.

She was playing with two of the princess stickers that came with her princess book (Ariel and Snow White) in her real play castle and I just love listening to her talk to them and make them do stuff. She does that with just about everything, too. It's adorable.

And then when she went potty, she took both of the stickers with her and since she peed in her unners a little bit before getting to the potty (sad!!), she was sitting on the potty saying, "You can't pee in your unners, Kayla!" Then she took both the princesses, made them face each other and said, "You can't pee in your unners. Let's go upstairs, okay? Okay!" and then she proceeded to make them 'walk' upstairs, which happened to be at the top of her head! HAHAHA!! So they walked up her belly, up her shoulder and onto the top of her head.

She also says some super funny words, like she says 'ooze' instead of 'use', 'stuffes' and 'mices'. I'm sure there's more, but I can never remember them when I go to write these things!! She also says 'miss' for 'with' and I love it.

She's also getting two more teeth! She hasn't once complained about her mouth hurting or anything, but maybe that's why she was such a crankypants last week...on top of being sick.

Also? I love her.

Addison's kind of a big deal around here, too. She turned 2 months old yesterday!! I can't believe it!! Her two month appointment isn't until next week and she'll have to get her first set of shots. SAD!! She's such a great baby. We moved her into her room last night AND we started letting her cry it out. It wasn't as bad as I was anticipating. I'm SO glad we started earlier this time, rather than waiting like we did with M and then having to do it all over again because I ruined her progress.

Anyway, there's a post coming up shortly about our excursions last night and today with CIO. She's doing extremely well. And I'm not sure if I ever posted this, but she's been rolling over from her belly to her back since she was 3 weeks old. I know! Overachiever!! :) She doesn't do it every time, which is good, since she still needs to strengthen her head. She's also doing a lot better with tummy time.

Man, I love my girls.

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