25 August 2010

Crying It Out, Part II

Night of August 24th
fell asleep at 8pm
woke up at 2am
cried until 2:15, when I went and got her. She had a poopy diaper and ate for over 20 minutes.
put in crib at 2:45
asleep at 2:50

woke up at 7:10
ate at 7:15
put in crib at 8:10
cried until 8:30
asleep at 8:35

woke up at 9:30
ate at 9:50
put in crib at 10:30
cried until 10:50
asleep at 11:00

woke up at 1:05pm (I woke her!)
ate at 1:10
put in crib at 2:25
cried until-for a minute, maybe?
asleep at 2:30

woke up at 3:20
got out of crib at 3:25
ate at 3:30
put in crib at 4:20
cried until 4:25ish
asleep at 4:30

woke up at 5:30 (I woke her)
ate at 5:30
ate again at 7:00
put in crib at 7:45 She was asleep when I put her down, but then she woke up. Cried off and on until 8:20pm.

And that concludes Day Two. Here's hoping she sleeps through the night! :)

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