26 August 2010

Crying It Out, Part III

Night of August 25th
woke up at 4:10
ate at 4:15
in bed at 4:45
asleep at 4:50

woke up at 8:10
ate at 8:15
in bed at 9:25
asleep at 9:35

woke up at 10:15
ate at 10:30
in bed at 11:40
asleep at 11:55

woke up at 1:20 (I woke her)
ate at 1:30
in bed at 2:30
asleep at 2:40ish-She didn't even cry at all! She threw out a few grunts here and there, but NO crying. I'm so proud of her!! :D

woke up at 3:30
ate at 3:45
in bed at 4:30 (at 4:45, I went in and burped her. She let out a little one and I put her right back down.)
cried until-Um, FOREVER. She never went to sleep, so I went and got her at 5:30.

ate at 6:25
in bed at 7:00
cried until-FOREVER again. Really just until 7:30, but it seemed like forever!! I'm starting to second guess myself. I think this is about the same time I second guessed myself with Makayla, so I'm trying to stick it out, but it's SO hard to hear my tiny little baby cry and not be comforted!! :(
asleep at 8:05ish

She does well sometimes and then not so well other times. I guess it's par for the course. Ugh. I'm sticking it out. She can do this. I can do this.

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Sarabeth said...

Letting your precious little one cry it out is WAY difficult!!! I give you a lot of credit for sticking it out thus far.