24 August 2010

Crying It Out, Part I

So I decided yesterday that we needed to start letting Addison cry it out. The night before last, she was up at 3am, 4am, 5:30am, 6am and 7:30am. I had enough. So began our CIO endeavors. And it has gone far better than I expected. I just pray it stays that way!!

Night of August 23rd-started CIO
put to bed at 6:30 cried until 7:15
at 7:15, fed until 7:40-fell asleep
put her down at 7:50-she woke up
cried until 8:50
slept until 5:50am August 24th

August 24th

woke at 5:50
ate at 6am
put in crib at 7am
cried until 7:20
asleep at 7:30

woke at 8:15
got her out of crib at 8:30
ate at 8:35
put in crib at 9:35
cried until 9:40ish
asleep at 9:55

woke at 12:00pm
ate at 12:05pm
put in crib at 1:10
cried until -um, she cried for like a minute?- :D
asleep at 1:20

woke at 3:40 (I had to wake her!)
ate at 3:40
put in crib at 4:40
cried until 4:50ish
asleep at 5:05

woke at 5:40
ate at 5:40
ate again at 7:15
put in crib at 7:40
cried off and on until she fell asleep at 8:00

ANNNNNNNNND, that's that. Here's hoping she sleeps through the night again tonight.

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