22 August 2010

Afternoon Date

Yesterday was a really nice day. Addison woke up early in the morning (like she always does) and I nursed her and she fell back asleep. She normally wakes right up when I put her back in her Pack N Play, so I just held her and let her sleep on me. Well about five minutes after she fell asleep, she let out the loudest, most adorable little laugh I have ever heard! Actually I think it could be labeled as a loud chuckle. It was so sweet! She has also started to sorta laugh when she's awake. I just love it!!

Adam then let me sleep a little bit longer while he took care of the girls, which is always a win. After that, I took M out for a little date, just me and her. We went to Barnes and Noble and got a double chocolate cupcake and some milk. She loved it! She was so excited to be eating it and to get to pick out her very own cupcake. After she decided which type she wanted and we were waiting in line to get it, she kept saying, "Gotta get my favorite one!".

Then we headed over to the children's book section and whaddya know, but there was a huge display of Dora books right as we entered! So we got no further than that. HAHA! We grabbed a few Dora books and headed over to the little tables with the benches and started reading them. She fell in love with a 10-in-1 book, so of course, I had to get it for her.

My original plan was to take her out to then and then get a cupcake with her, but she didn't want to eat anything other than the cupcake. Since my plan was foiled, I was still hungry, so after purchasing the book, we headed to Chipotle to get some lunch for me. Almost as soon as we got in line she told me she had to go potty. Wellllll, for anyone that knows the Fairfield Chipotle, the line is ALWAYS forever long. So I asked if she could hold it. HA! She said yes and she totally did until we were done in line. I'm so proud because just a month ago, she probably would have just peed everywhere as soon as she told me she had to go potty. Big steps around here!! We took my lunch home and the entire drive home, she looked at that Dora book and didn't make a peep!

It was a really wonderful date with my little (big!) girl and it was the first time we were able to do something like that since Addison was born, so it was extra special. :)

Things have been crazy around here. First Makayla was sick for a couple days. We had to take her to Urgent Care because she had a really bad rash all over her body. It was little tiny red bumps. They said it was just a viral infection though and they didn't even give her anything, so we kind wasted $50. Oh well. Then this weekend, Adam got sick and in the middle of the night, I woke up with a HUGE headache. Adam took M to church and I stayed home with Addi girl. It is SO easy to take care of one kid!! I forgot what that was like. HA! Even yesterday when M and I were on our date, it was so simple! No worrying about Addi having to eat and how I would wrangle M or worrying about Addi screaming the whole drive in the car. It was perfect. So this morning, Addison just slept on my chest the whole time they were gone and I got to get some rest too and make my headache go away! It was really nice.

Other than that, nothing has really been going on around here lately. Still don't know when we'll be moving to Ohio, but we know it's gonna be soon! I'm super excited. Like SUPER. Well, of course, I just got Addi down for her nap and now M is up from hers. Such is life.

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