14 July 2010

Things I Never Want To Forget

This morning I was going upstairs to change Addison's diaper and I said to Makayla, "I love you." and she looked up at me and said, "I love you! Berry (very) much." I definitely cried walking up the stairs.

Later this morning I was back downstairs after putting Addison down and Makayla was playing with this Spiderman figurine that Adam gave her. One of his hands is in the Spiderman spiderweb throwing fashion. Makayla looked at his hand and then tried to make her hand do the same thing. It took her about a minute to do it, wiggling her fingers all around and trying just so to get them to go the way Spiderman's fingers were. And then...she did it! And she was so very, very proud of herself. And I cried again.

I love watching her grow and learn so many new things. Some days I feel guilty because we don't spend a lot of time outside and I don't spend every waking moment teaching her new things and she doesn't get to play with kids her age that often, but there is so much love.

She is so brilliant and even though I'm not perfect, she is still learning and growing and becoming such an amazing little girl. And there is so much love in this house. <3

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