13 July 2010

My First Day

Today is my first official day alone with the girls!! Somebody get me outta here!! Just kidding...it has so not been bad at all! (I probably just jinxed myself, though...)

My mom left this morning to go back to Ohio. Boo on that. I am so determined to get back there, it's not even funny. I hate when people come out to visit because I just know they're going to leave again. And guess what that means? I'll be alone again. It's been really wonderful having an adult to converse with all day long, every day. Not to mention the fact that she did all my laundry and my dishes every day. I love you, Mommy!!

On the way home from dropping my mom off at the airport this morning, Makayla said, "Where's Nana?" like a million times. Then when we told her she was going on an plane to Ohio, she'd say, "Gotta go see her Papa." That's one smart kid, I tell ya. :)

Before we left the airport, we had to stop so I could feed Addison. She fell asleep after we got some McDonald's for lunch. Then we got home, Adam went to work and Addison stayed asleep until 1pm, when I got her up to feed her again. She didn't want to stay awake for very long, so I had to keep her awake and then I laid her in her Pack N Play and she went right to sleep...on her own! I was totally impressed. So now both my girls are sleeping and I'm updating the blog...finally. :D

And everything has lined up so very, very perfectly today. Addison fell asleep on her own at just the right time so that I could put Makayla down for her nap and not have to worry about a screaming baby in the other room. I didn't have to rush and we could read books and sing songs and pray and there was no worrying from me. It was glorious and I hope every day can be this grand.

Also, while Addi slept, M watched some Dora and I got the dishes done and started some laundry. I also cleaned up some clutter around the house. It's been a pretty great first day at home with my girls. Though we are missing Nana something fierce.

**edited to add**
There are a few things I have been wanting to remember about Makayla, but I keep forgetting to write them down, so here they are:

•She calls a loofah, a 'boobie'. I'm pretty sure that's because she has seen me shower. HAHA!
•When asked what a crab says, she responds with, "Under the sea! Place to be!" That's awesome.
•She calls a washcloth, a 'wash sock'.
•When Adam comes in the room at random times, she'll say, "Daddy, don't scare us!". I don't know why, but it's adorable.
•She says, "Say bana!" and we aren't really sure what that means.
•She loves to talk on the phone and she'll say, " 'ello?".
•When she eats, Adam and her play this game where there are lions living in our backyard (in the cave, which happens to be inside our yucka plant). She made that up all by herself, but anyway...
Adam started telling her the lions are going to get her and she would freak out (in a good way) and then Adam would tell her he had to stack her food so the lion wouldn't eat it. Now every time she eats she says, "Gotta stack it!"
•A couple Sundays ago, Makayla had a cute dress on, ready for church and she walked over to Addison and said, "Look at me, Addison. I so beautiful!!" It was priceless!
•She says 'miss' instead of 'with' and I love it. It makes her her.

I am so sure there are more, but of course, I can't remember. :D

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