17 July 2010

California State Fair! And The Pool!

Yesterday we went to the California State Fair for the first time since we've lived here. I know, right? Crazy to think we've never been before and that I have lived here for 7 years. Seven years! That's nuts! So we went yesterday. Before we even entered the fair, we already spent $37! It costs $10 for parking and $12 each to get in! At least the kids were free. :)

Both the girls did great the whole time we were there, too, despite the 100ยบ weather! It was so fracking hot, I thought my skin was going to melt off. But it didn't. :D Adam took Makayla on one of those simulator rides where the whole 'car' thing moves around. He said she loved it! Then he was going to take her on one of those huge slide things, but she was too short. :( We discovered that she was too short after he already spent $6 on tickets. Bummer. And since she was too short for that one, she was too short for all of them. The really sad part was that she was so excited to go on it and even after we told her she wasn't allowed, she kept saying, 'I gonna go on slide miss (with) Daddy!' Poor girl. She got over it though, because our next stop was the games!

Adam played the game where you pop the balloons with the darts, so of course, he won her something. :) She loved watching him play and even though it was a total ripoff (seriously? $15 for a dumb dog?), she adores that stuffed animal. The guy that was in charge of the game also gave her two balloons and she carried those things around for the rest of the day, so maybe it was worth that $15...

We walked around, ate too many fries, drank too much lemonade, saw tons of snakes and some really big tortoises and had a blast just being together. It was hot and we were all sweaty messes by the time we got home, but it sure was a fun day. Addison slept through the whole thing, but that's the way we like it. She cried almost the whole drive home though and you know what? Nothing bad happened. I didn't freak out and she's still alive. I guess people really don't die from crying too much. Thank God for that.

Naps were had when we got home and it was glorious! I even got to take a nap! Later on, I was rocking Addison in her room and she was trying to fall asleep and just wouldn't...until...she found her right index finger and started sucking the life out of it. It was so precious to watch. Then it fell out and she got her middle finger in there. I guess that one tasted better...Of course I have no pictures of these events because the camera was in the car. They will always be imprinted in my memory, though.

Before we left for the fair, Makayla kept saying over and over again, 'Let's all go the fair! Twogeder! (together)' She loves when we all do things together. And she always names who is coming...'Mommy, Kayla, Daddy, Addison!'


I got to sleep in this morning for a little bit while Adam entertained both girls. And then after he woke me up and I fed Addi again, we went to the pool! The whole time we were getting ready to go, Makayla kept saying, 'Now we go to the pool!' 'Now we go!'. I love her so much.

So we headed to the pool for the first time this summer. Makayla put on her cool, new big girl floatie and her awesome new 'babe-ing suit' that I got for sale last year and we were off! Addi girl was in the stroller and Daddy and Makayla got right into the pool. She wasn't so sure about it at first, since the water is freezing, but she warmed up pretty quick and they had a blast. I love watching them together and seeing what a great Daddy Adam is to his girls. He taught her how to kick her legs to stay afloat and to keep her head up so she wouldn't go under the water.

At one point she was holding onto two noodles and Adam let go of her and she wasn't even scared! I'm so proud of her, because I was totally freaking out on the inside. There were some other kids there and she was watching them and not really paying attention to what was going on and then, she flipped herself somehow and went all the way under the water. Adam was right there and grabbed her right away, but she didn't even cry! She was a little flustered when she got back above water, but Adam told her it wasn't scary and she was totally fine. See? So proud.

We've had a pretty wonderful weekend, just spending time together...being our family of four. Now it's nap time after a lovely meal at Gourmet Exprezz, which happens to be an awesome Greek place here in Vacaville. I think I'll miss it once we move...

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