23 July 2010


This is what I looked like this morning at 7:45am. I know, right?! Ready to go and eating breakfast all before my girls got up! I was pretty freaking excited. Yeah, it's not the healthiest breakfast, but whatevs.

AND! The best part? Addison only got up once last night! Yeah!! I'm really hoping it's her new trend because it was AWESOME. She ate at 9:20ish last night for about half an hour, fell asleep and slept until 3:15am!! Dude. And her trend (before this morning) was to get up around 4ish, eat, lay back down, barf on herself, scream until I got her, not go back to sleep unless I fed her (which I normally did, even though she didn't have to eat), go back down only to wake up hour later. Ugh. And repeat the whole process until about 8am, which is when she would fall back asleep for a couple hours and Makayla would wake up.

So since Addi's been born, even if she's slept well at night, I don't get to sleep anymore after 4am. Sucks. But today? Today she started waking up at around 5:30am and I was about to get her when I heard nothing. And then more nothing. Until 6:30am!!! She totally put herself back to sleep for another hour! That's my girl! So, I'm pretty stoked. And then after she ate then, she went back to sleep until right when I started writing this post. Luckily, I got to finish my breakfast first. :)

I took a shower, got ready, started cloth diaper laundry and ate my breakfast all before 8am AND before my girls were awake. That is a feat.

And now my littlest girl is laying in her swing, sucking on a pacifier. The horror! Just kidding. She really loves to suck on stuff and she hasn't found her thumb yet and I listened to enough crying with Makayla as a baby and I don't have to justify myself to you! So stop making me feel bad! HAHA!

Adam's mom comes tomorrow!! I'm so excited!!!! :D


The Bardwells said...

Babies need to suck...don't even think about feeling bad! Now- if she is 4 and still sucks on a binky then I will make fun of you! HA! :-)

the Shipe's said...

there is nothing wrong with a binky! but yeah... at 2years it's time to say bye-bye. Will still use his just for naptime & when he wakes up too early in the am. He is quick to put it in its place when he wakes up. I dont think he really needs it, but it IS especially nice when he wakes up at 6:50am I can give it to him & he'll fall back asleep for another 30mins- 1hour.