30 May 2010

Successful Saturday!

Adam and I got A LOT done around this house today! We successfully cleaned Addison's room and everything is where I want it to be (almost). We successfully cleaned Makayla's room and everything is where I want it to be, with the exception of the glider that will be moved into Addison's room soon.

We successfully cleaned the hallway upstairs (I'm talking baseboards and doors and all that jazz) and our bedroom, for the most part. There are just a few more things that need to be done in our room, like some small touch up painting in a few areas and Adam needs to clean out the light in the bathroom.

But like we for real did a ton of cleaning. Adam wiped down all the baseboards in every room upstairs. I know, it probably sounds nuts to you, but it's important to me! I know those baseboards have never been cleaned since we moved in and who knows when I'll be able to get around to doing something like that once I have two kids? I mean, look how long it took with just one kid! I washed all the windows upstairs and wiped down all the blinds. That was a freaking task, let me tell you!! I also wiped down all the doors and mirrors everywhere upstairs. We still have to do Makayla's bathroom, but that shouldn't take too long...I mean, it's not that big.

Adam cleaned our shower, too, which it REALLY needed and it's all shiny now! Yay! Oh and the downstairs bathroom is done, which was also easy, since it's small, too!

So for all of those rooms, I just need to keep up with the dusting and weekly cleaning stuff and we should be good to go!

Tomorrow we are going to tackle the kitchen and living room. I want to take everything out of all the cabinets in the kitchen and wipe them all down, inside and out. Should be fun. We also have to clean out both refrigerators and freezers. Clean the stove and move it to get behind there (EW!). And the microwave could use a real scrub down, too. I think that's the big stuff.

I'm getting pretty excited because I know once this stuff is totally done and once I order the rest of our cloth diaper stash, I will seriously be ready for this baby! I've already got the Pack N Play in our room...I'm just waiting a little longer to set it up because I don't want it to get too dusty. We have a serious dust problem in this house and I'm not sure why!

I ordered the crib and mattress today, too! Adam's awesome mom bought them for us and they should get here by June 8th! Not that it matters because we aren't putting it together until after my mom leaves, but at least we'll have it! I'm so excited!!

This baby has been super active today, which is surprising with all the running around I've been doing. Oh yeah, we also returned a couple things that needed returning and took a bunch of junk to Goodwill. I seriously love getting rid of stuff! Almost as much as I like buying new stuff! I know, I'm nuts.

All in all I'd say today was a rather good day. We got a lot done AND we ate at this AMAZING Greek place for lunch. OMG, yum. They had some bomb hummus and all the food was delish. It's gonna be our new spot, of that I am certain.

And a big shout out to my wonderful Mommy who checks my blog every day and loves me enough to comment!! Thanks Mom! Sorry I don't post as often as I want to! <3


Mama said...

Yay!! Another update!! I love it! That's okay, you just update whenever you can! I'll be here...
reading them!!
Love you bunches!

Elissa said...

I read your and Ashley's blogs all the time! I just dont have the time to comment somedays..... ;)