02 June 2010

Dear Lady At Carter's,

When a 37 week pregnant woman comes up to you with a 2 year old and asks if you have a bathroom, the correct response is, "We don't have a public bathroom, but you can use our employee bathroom for your daughter, so she doesn't pee her pants!"

The incorrect way to respond is exactly what you did, which is, "There is a bathroom at the end of the building. *large, fake smile*"

Ummmm, really? So you're telling me that I (37 weeks pregnant!) have to run to the end of the building at the Outlets, with my 2 year old daughter on my hip for her to use the bathroom?! Really? That's your customer service?

You are in fact a baby clothing store, am I right? So should you not accommodate potty training kids, especially when their mother looks like she is about to explode with a baby all over your stupid store?

Yeah, I thought so, too.

I hope you heard me ranting about how stupid you are to my friend because you, Lady At Carter's, totally suck and should not work at a children's clothing store.

Lindsey :)

1 comment:

Elissa said...

Agree! I had that happen when I was taking Shyla shoe shopping. Thankfully the other employee snuck me in the back ;)