27 May 2010

Baby Doctor

I had my appointment on Tuesday. Everything is still going well. She didn't check me, so I don't know if I'm dilated or not, but she did say that I'm measuring smaller than I should be so she thinks the baby already dropped, which yay!!

The heartbeat was good, my blood pressure was good AND I didn't gain any weight since last week!! She said, "Whatever you did to your diet, keep it up!" I laughed inside because I haven't changed anything! I still drink Dr. Pepper every day (I know, I'm an awful mother) and I eat whatever I want. I've gained 25 lbs., so far, which is more than I wanted to, but still way better than I did with Makayla, so I'll take it! :)

It's been raining here a lot, which has been awesome! It didn't rain yesterday and M and I go to hang out with my neighbor, which was nice. Today it's been raining hard all day, so M watched some Dora this morning and I made a frozen meal for after this baby comes AND banana bread! I know, right?! Am I domesticated or what? I also did some dishes, gave M a bath and cleaned the bed. Yeah, she kind of peed on it, so that was fun. I also did the pee laundry.

We've got A LOT to do this weekend and I'm so glad Adam has Monday off because we are going to be working very hard getting stuff done around this house! I've got 3 1/2 weeks left and that's IF I go to my due date, which I'm hoping I don't. :)

Well, I better go make my list for this weekend. Plus, I've got some other stuff I have to do while M takes her 3 hour nap. Lates!

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