24 May 2010

36 Weeks!!

Well, I'm 36 weeks pregnant today!!! Yep, only 4 more weeks until we get to meet this little babe! I'm hoping she'll come earlier than that, though, because I'm kind of just done being pregnant. I told Adam I don't really remember being this way with Makayla, but maybe that was because it was our first baby? Plus, like I've said before, I'm super uncomfy these days. This kid is taking up all my breathing space, so I'm constantly taking deep breaths and sighing a lot to get enough oxygen into my lungs. Sad, I know.

Remember when I mentioned our maternity/family pictures? Well, here they are! Just click on the link and you can check them out!


That's not all of them, but it's my favorites. So now I have to order them and get them on my wall before this girl gets here! :)

I have a baby doctor appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping something is happening...I also hope I'm negative for Group B Strep.

We went on the labor and delivery tour at the hospital I'm delivering at yesterday afternoon. It was 2 hours long and a class was beforehand. I wish I would have known...we could have just gone for the last half hour for the tour! Everything they told us in the 'class' was stuff that was relevant to first time parents, so that was kinda lame. And the lady had a crazy laugh, so at least Adam and I got to laugh and make jokes about her. :)

That's pretty much it around here. I'm almost ready for this baby to get here. We just need to finish out our cloth diaper stash, put the Pack N Play up and set up the stroller and bouncy seat. I'm thinking about getting all that done today so then she can just come now. :D

Today is my last class!!!!! You have no idea how freaking happy I am about that!! My final and that's it! I'M DONE!!!!!!! I'm so ready to not be going to that stupid class every Monday night AND to have the next few weeks to just chill out...hopefully.

Well, I better go get some laundry folded. At least the dishes are already done.

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