07 April 2010

New Makayla Stories

So a couple weeks ago, Makayla was OBSESSED with her Snow White Visits The Seven Dwarfs book. She always wanted us to read it to her and she would ask for it by name. The name she gave it, of course, which is the 'hi ho book'. How cute is that, right?!

Also since we've been potty training her (before undies), we kept books by the potty upstairs for us and her to read while she tried to pee. One of them is called The Potty Book and it's super cute and I totally have it memorized, but anyway, there is this one part in the book where they say, "Wake up! Wake up! Good morning! I'll try my potty again." So Makayla took to calling it the 'wake up! wake up! book'. HA! Love this babe!!

She has a Tinkerbell cell phone that she just adores and she loves to walk around the house pretending to call people on it. She says, "I on my Tinkbell phone. I callin' Daddy." So one day she was calling Daddy and she yelled into the phone, "Daddy, fush the toilet! Fush the toilet, Daddy!!" HAHAHA!!

And today, she came up to me and just said, "Thank you, Mommy!" and I was thinking, for what? And then I saw what was in her hand. This little stuffed bear. Yesterday the bear's back was 'broken' (his stuffing was falling out), so she asked me to fix him. So last night, while she was out with Adam, I sewed his back up and she didn't see him again until this morning. And she remembered that I had fixed him for her. So, after she said thank you, she said, "Bear back all better. No more broken." She is so cool. :D

I know there are more stories to tell, but I can't remember all of them. She's talking up a storm every single day!! She loves to talk to her baby dolls, change their diapers, give them their bottles and wrap them up and put them down for naps. She has also become even more obsessed with her Doggie, if that's even possible. She also wants to carry her 'bankie' around everywhere with her now.

She is still doing amazingly well with the potty. We had no accidents yesterday and none today, so far!! I couldn't be more proud of my amazing daughter if I tried!! She astounds me every single day. She's so intelligent and inquisitive about EVERYTHING. I love it! She gets really mad at me when I ask her if she has to pee or poop and almost every time she sits on the potty now, she does it on her own. How's that for progress, am I right?

In other news, I am 29 weeks pregnant! Ahhhh!!! I have another doctor's appointment next Tuesday. I took my glucose test on the 1st, so at my appointment, I should get the results for that. Hope I don't have gestational diabetes!!

I started Makayla's one year scrapbook yesterday....and finished it today! Yeah, I rock like that. I'm SO glad it's done before this new kid gets here! It has been looming over my head for, well, um, two years now, so I'm glad it's done. Just to be put in her bin of things to look at when she gets older. That's what it's all about, though. :)

We hung up the pictures I made for Addison in her room and her comforter. That's really all that's new on that front. I've got a little more clothes to wash, but I'm going to wait until after my baby sprinkle to do that, since I'm sure I'll get more from there. So this month is going to be a busy one!! We are going to San Diego in a couple weekends, then my sprinkle is May 1st at my neighbor's house, my birthday is May 2nd, Adam's is May 3rd and our FIVE year anniversary is May 7th!! Insane!!

I'm so looking forward to everything, though. Oh yeah, I have a project due next Monday for my class, but I've only got 7 classes left! YEAH! I'm so ready to be done with school and not go back for a LONG time. HA! Well, that's it for the update for now.

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