03 April 2010

Days 5 & 6

So yesterday, Makayla did fairly well. I can't remember all the time because they're written downstairs on the dry erase board, but she had one accident, I think.

And today she did even better!! She pooped in the potty all on her own this morning! We were so stinking proud of her!! But then she was in the garage with Daddy and she came upstairs and said, "I go poop in the potty, Mommy?" so we start running to the potty, only for me to watch little turds come out of her underwear. Yeah, she already pooped in her undies. :/ So we cleaned her up, told her how yucky it was and went on our way. She peed more in the potty during the day and was doing awesome.

Adam's vegan friends came over and we were hanging out, then they all went in the garage to play DnD and M and I came upstairs. I REALLY had to pee, so I went to the bathroom in our room and I come out and Makayla is screaming and crying, "I need Daddy! I need Daddy, Mommy!" So I'm like why? And she says, "I pooped on the floor." all sad like. :( But she really peed. HA! So because I had to go pee, she wasn't able to get to the potty in time. I felt SO bad. Upstairs is where we have the potty insert for the big toilet and she can climb up on her stool and turn around, but then she needs a little boost to get up on the seat since she's so little. So she couldn't do it herself and she peed on the floor. Poor girl.

But THEN, I put her in the bath and she was playing and I cleaned her up and everything and then she goes, "I poop in the potty?", so I'm like, alright let's get out! And I put her on the toilet all soaking wet and that child totally pooped in the potty like a freaking pro!! Yeah, suckas!! I was totally excited!!! Still am!!! :D And then she peed again once more right before bed time. Her idea. Again.

My child rocks at potty training. She's so freaking smart and I love her so freaking much. :D


Nathan said...

hehe, stinking proud of her....hehe...

Tiffany said...

I have to be honest, that was pretty hysterical about the turds falling out of the underwear! I literally laughed out loud.
At least she told you and seems to kind of know!!
And then I laughed again about her saying she pooped on the floor. She is so stinkin funny!
That's awesome about the tub! Because I know a lot of parents who had kids that always just pooped in the tub and never even said anything! Go Makayla!