09 April 2010

Friday Night...

I don't really have anything to say today. I'm just alone tonight because Adam is playing DnD with his friends and I'm home alone. :/ Just put M down for bed and I've got some homework to do and some of my Bible Study for next week to do. My friend, Melinda and I are doing a Bible Study together. We get together every Tuesday and discuss the four chapters we read. The book we're doing is called Breaking Free by Beth Moore. It's really amazing!! I hope we can finish it before this baby comes. I keep telling everyone I'm on a timeline for everything. HAHA!! I think we're about a third of the way through, though, so we're making good time. :)

I have a project that's due this Monday. This is such a dumb class, though. Art for Early Childhood Education. I have to read a chapter and present the chapter with one of my other classmates and then we have to each do an art project while some of our classmates pretend to be kids. We get graded on how we respond to them and how prepared we are for the project. Lame. I'm so very, very glad I only have 7 classes left!!

Week 2 of potty training has gone great! I don't want to jinx it, but Makayla is awesome! She caught on SO much faster than I ever imagined she would. Yesterday, she totally pooped on the floor, though. It was pretty hilarious. She had peed in the potty and refused to put her underwear back on after that and I knew she had to poop. She kept sitting on the potty, but not doing anything and then she went upstairs because she kept saying she needed a Pull-Up, so then she came downstairs with one (not that I was going to put it on her, mind you) and she touched her butt (she had on a dress) and then this huge turd fell out! HAHAHA!! Of course, the clean up wasn't fun because it was all over her dress and her booty, but man, seeing that turd fall out of her dress was pure comedic gold!

Then she woke up from her nap yelling, "I need to pee in the potty, Mommy!", so I rushed in and put her on the potty and she totally peed!! AND her Pull-Up was completely dry! Gah, love her!!

So all in all, the only accident we have had this week was the huge poop falling out of her dress. No peeing accidents. She's doing great!! We've also given up the sticker reward. She doesn't expect anything anymore for going potty. She just does. She's also gone in public bathrooms A LOT already, which is AWESOME! They're disgusting, but ya gotta use 'em, right? So I'm so glad she isn't scared and she does so well. Adam usually takes her when he's with us, which is great for me, since it's pretty difficult for me to squat down and hold her on the potty these days. This belly is growing by the minute, I swear!

I still love being pregnant, though. I love feeling the kicks, knowing that's my sweet baby in there. I can't believe I only have 10 more weeks, though! How did that happen?! I'm totally curious to see if she's going to look like Makayla when she comes out.

We got two packages in the mail today. One from my awesome friend, Tiffany, in Ohio. Such adorable baby clothes! Love it! And they were all wrapped, which was so fun for me! :D And one from my mom, which had an outfit for Makayla and an outfit for Addison, both from Aunt Terry. Love them, too!!

I still can't believe how much stuff we have to do before this new kid gets here. I thought it was supposed to be easier the second time around! Guess not. I finished mine and Adam's scrapbook today. It was missing like two pages to be done. HA! And it took me this long. It was our first year together and we'll have been married FIVE years in less than a month! Yeah, I'm such a slacker about that crap. Oh well, at least it's done now. I started Addison's scrapbook...just put her ultrasound pictures in there. I've gotta print out some more pregnancy pics to put in the pregnancy scrapbook, but you know, that one can't be finished until she actually gets here, so there's that.

I've been OBSESSED with raspberry sorbet lately. YUM. I eat a bowl of it every night and it is delish!! I have also been wanting to eat tons and tons of turkey sandwiches, which is awesome, since I bought the best lunchmeat ever. Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to eat it, but it's sooooo good! There was a week or two where I was super ridiculously obsessed with Red Brick Pizza in Fairfield, too, but I think I'm over that one. Oh! And I heart pickles. Like I never think I want one and then Adam will open the jar and as soon as I smell them, I NEED it. I never wanted them with Makayla, though. Weird.

Well, I guess that's enough blabbering for now. :)


Mama said...

Well, for not having much to talk about, you sure had a LOT to say!!
LOVE it!!! Love the pix, too!! And l'l miss is doing sooo well with the p.t.!! So proud!
love, mama

Tiffany said...

of course we had to wrap them!! that's half the fun!!