14 March 2010


Well we didn't make it to church this morning since Makayla slept til almost 11am! It was really nice though because we technically didn't go to bed until after midnight, so it was pretty awesome to sleep in. I felt like a teenager again! HAHA!!

After we all woke up, got ready and Adam made me an AMAZING breakfast, we went to Lowe's to get some paint for that rocking chair of Makayla's. It's gonna be awesome, so look out for that!! :)

We also went to Target to get the bouncer and bassinet. But instead of the bassinet, we opted for the Pack N Play with the bassinet insert. I'm pretty excited about it...it's so cute!! We haven't opened the bouncer chair yet, but it looks way cute!!

So after we got back from that, M ate dinner and went down for her nap. Adam worked hard on the yard and I primed the rocking chair!! It was crazy ridiculous. There are so many crevices in that freaking thing, since it's like a puzzle and comes apart. Oh man. It sucked. But the priming is over now and hopefully I can paint it tomorrow. I am so exhausted right now. M just woke up from her nap and we're getting pizza for dinner since Adam and I are completely wiped. Dora here we come, yo!!

It was a successful day, though and that makes me happy. I love getting stuff done. I just wish I didn't get so tired afterward!!

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the Shipe's said...

cant wait to see the chair! Pizza sounds so good now! That is the first thing in months to sound good! haha thanks!