22 March 2010

Last Week

We haven't been doing too much lately....just little things here and there to get ready for this baby that's coming in 13 short weeks!! I'm 27 weeks pregnant today. It has gone by a lot faster than when I was pregnant with Makayla. That probably has something to do with Adam being here this time around, though. He didn't get back from his deployment last time until I was 32 weeks. Ugh, it was rough. So I love having him here now!!

Yesterday morning before I got out of bed to get ready for church, Adam came and sat next to me and Addison kicked him three times in a row. It was so sweet. I'm SO happy that he gets to be here for everything this time!!!

I had a doctor's appointment last Tuesday morning. We got another ultrasound and she finally turned!!! So she's head down now. Yay!! The nurse gave us a picture, but it's just of her ribs and spine. No head in it. She couldn't get a very good picture of the face and she didn't want us to leave without a picture. HAHA!! So this time around, I've already had 4 ultrasounds. We're getting a 3D one around 32 weeks, just like we did with Makayla, too. It was so much fun and I heart ultrasounds. :)

I started my pregnancy scrapbook today. I couldn't find an 8x8 scrapbooking kit for a baby girl at Michael's, so thanks to my awesome husband's advice, I decided to cut some of my 12x12 paper that I've had for a gazillion years to 8x8! Smart, huh? So I did that and cut all the pictures I have so far. I haven't put any pages together yet, but I plan to after class tonight.

Speaking of class....I'm SO sick of going already!! I'm always tired. The teacher sucks. And I hate driving there and not just getting to chill at home. Oh well. It's just one less class I have to worry about after the babe gets here, right? I won't be going back to school for a while, though. I love staying home with Makayla and I'm not willing to let my kids go to a daycare just yet. Plus I'm really sick of school.

I'm also really excited for this baby to get here!! It's gonna be so much fun! I have big plans to take walks with the girls(!!) every day in the summer. My mom is going to come stay with us for a while after the babe gets here, which is amazing!!! I'm also having a baby sprinkle in May. :) A sprinkle is smaller than a shower, which is fun, but I really need big stuff that I probably won't get now. Not that we need THAT much, but like a crib and mattress and stuff like that. BUT, my mom got us the pack n play, so we won't need the crib right away, which is good.

Oh yeah and I finished the rocking chair! It looks really nice, except that when we tried to put it back together again, there was too much paint in the crevices, so it doesn't fit together that well anymore. Ugh, how annoying. But I'll post pictures anyway, once I take some. And Adam kind of cracked the MDF while he was hitting it with a hammer to get it to go together. Whatev.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now, so I'm going to go relax. :D

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Mama said...

You are getting a lot done, aren't you?? Good for you! Sounds like you need a break from school. When is it over??
Love you,