27 January 2010

Two Years Old!

I can't believe my little baby is two years old! Well, technically she is now 25 months old, as of two days ago. I really wanted to write this post when she turned 2, but since I didn't, it will now be what she's been doing for the past couple of months and cute things she did while we were in Ohio and Virginia.
Without further adieu, here is a list of some of the adorable things she is saying/doing these days:
•Speaking of 'adorable', I said that to her yesterday and she replied back, "dorable".
•Yesterday she also told me I have beautiful hair. "Beautiful hair, Mommy!"
•When we were in Ohio, she started to say "moff" and we had no clue what it meant until I realized when she wanted her shoes or socks of, we would say to her, 'Do you want me to take 'em off?' and so moff means take 'em off.
•"Mon" means almost the same thing...it's her version of 'come on'. :)
•Not sure if I mentioned this one before, because she's been doing it for a while, but whenever someone sneezes or coughs, she says "Dess you!"
•Today she said, "Love you, Daddy!" when he was leaving. Swoon.
•She learned how to shut doors while we were in Ohio and she now says "Bye, later, too." every time she shuts a door. I would say 'bye, later, I love you', so now she says too in response to the I love you part.
•When we were at my dad's house, she would yell for him and then when he would come to her, she'd say, "Not talk up!" or "Not!" whenever any male in our families would come near her. I thought it was pretty funny. :D
•On January 7th, she came running into my room at my mom's house and said, "Kiss!" and then kissed me twice. I love her.
•She says "andel", which means angel and "seben", which means seven.
•And speaking of counting, she is really good at it...when you count with her. She absolutely refuses to say the number 3, though. We aren't sure why, but for a while there, she would say 'no' in response to me saying 3. HA! And she always walks around saying "one, two, one, two".
•She also says "kaiben" instead of climbing. It is really cute, but she has lately started to say it correctly.
•Since we got home, if I do something she doesn't like, she'll say "Not talk about!" And then last week, she started yelling (I mean, top of her lungs yelling!!) "TALK ABOUT!!!" So now Adam and I always say it and then she repeats it. It's always cuter when she says it!
•When we are at the table eating, she will do a hand motion and then she'll say, "Mommy do it. Daddy do it. 'Kayla do it."
•My mom has this old rotary phone with the two piece thingys (I have pictures I'll post later) at her house and Makayla LOVED that thing! She would carry it around, make everyone talk on it and used it like a microphone. She sat there talking into it for at least 5 minutes a few times. She would just mumble about everything and anything. It was hilarious!
•On January 23rd, she was playing with her potty in the extra room (soon to be new baby's room! {And no, we do not keep the potty in there, she brought it in.}) and she pulled her pants down around her ankles, sat on her potty, pretended to pee, got up and pulled her pants back up all by herself! If that isn't a sign she's ready to be potty trained, I don't know what is! Now this Mama just needs to get her butt in gear before this new diapered bum gets here!

I think that about wraps up our adorable child and what she's been doing. Other than the fact that she doesn't eat ANYTHING anymore. Ugh. Oh! And she's getting four teeth right now! All at the same time! She started to get them in Ohio, got a HORRIBLE fever and my mom had to go get Tylenol at 11pm, but she's doing a lot better now. It was a really bad few days there, though. I felt her upper right eye tooth the other day, finally. It's poking through and looks brutal! I'm so glad God makes us get our teeth when we don't remember the pain. It must be awful! So anyway, they're not all in yet, but they are all coming through.

Oh yeah and she's really big into Dora The Explorer and Mickey Mouse these days. She LOVES Dora and will sit on the couch and watch the entire show, which is nice for me. I can get things done now! :) Swiper is her favorite character. And the past few days, she has asked for it when it's not on, so I'll tell her Dora's coming in a little bit and now she goes around saying, "Dora coming? Boots coming? Siper coming?" But she never gets mad if she can't watch it right away, which is really nice, too.

My child is awesome. I love her a ton. ♥


Mama said...

Oh my gosh... I love her, too!! I can 'hear' her say those cutsie things while reading about it!
Miss you guys tons!!
Mama...and Nana

The Bardwells said...

Makayala is dorable!!! lol. I wish we were closer, Audrey would have so much fun playing with her! :)

Nathan said...

What about your adult teeth? Don't you remember getting those?