17 November 2009

This Weekend...

We had a busy weekend this weekend. Adam went to San Francisco to play DnD on Friday after work, so M and I were by ourselves. We went to Olive Garden with Brenna and then she came over and hung out after M went to sleep. Fun times, fun times.

Then, on Saturday, I had Trinity's bridal shower to go to. So Brenna and I went together and went to Bed, Bath and Beyond before to get her shower gift. The shower was at Ruth's (the MOH) house and it was really nice with yummy food!! After that, I had to come home and get Makayla so Adam could finish his homework since he only got two hours of sleep the night before (!). We went over to Josh and Brenna's house, ate spaghetti for dinner and just hung out until M's bedtime.

Sunday we went to first service at church, came home, ate Panda for lunch, rested while M napped. And then we got the food ready for Vision Thanksgiving! We made green beans and yams. I make some bomb yams, yo!! So then we went there at 5pm. It was a lot of fun even though M wasn't on her best behavior. :) Then, we came home and crashed after a whirlwind weekend. It was nuts!

In other news, I'm REALLY tired all the time. But other than that, I feel pretty good. I'm 9 weeks tomorrow, so I'm hoping the fatigue and occasional nausea will subside in just a few short weeks! I've been trying to get some really miniscule projects done around the house because I like to be super ready for things and I know there are going to be tons of stuff that crops up before this new baby comes!

I also have to get ready for our trip back home. AND, school is almost over!! I am so excited!! One of my teachers sprung this project on us yesterday and my group's is due tomorrow! I guess it's not so bad because we are the first ones to present and we can just get it over with. HA!

I also can't believe Thanksgiving is next Thursday! Time has been rushing by lately. Then, Makayla will be two!!! Then, we will have a new baby next summer!! AHHHH!!! Anyway, I'm excited for Thanksgiving. I love it! But it hasn't really been feeling very wintery here. It's been pretty cold, but sunny and no rain. What's up with that, right? I can't wait to go to Ohio and see some snow, though!! Anyway, I better go...Makayla is dumping tomato soup all over herself. :)

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