29 November 2009

Thanksgiving and Other Stuff

We had Thanksgiving with Brian and his cousin, Amanda. It was so much fun!! We just hung out at home. I made two pumpkin pies (almost) from scratch! No, I did not buy a pumpkin...I got the canned stuff. I also didn't make the crust, but hey, at least I didn't buy a frozen one, right?! Anyway, we had a great day and that night we played Scrabble after Makayla went to bed. It was a lot of fun. Brian and Amanda stayed for the weekend, so Friday, we met up with Holly who was visiting from Texas. She is a friend of Adam's from when he was stationed in North Dakota. We went to Olive Garden for lunch and then I came home with M to put her down for her nap and do homework while they went to Wal*Mart to get some stuff for a bachelor party that night. Adam is the best man in our good friend's wedding that is coming up this Sunday!

So then on Saturday, after M's nap, we went to San Francisco and went down Lombard Street because Amanda had never seen it before. Then we ate at this awesome vegan restaurant called Golden Era that's in SF. It is such great food!! While we were driving home, Adam did something while driving (I don't remember what) and some Asian lady driving looked at him and shook her head, so we all said ouch and were laughing and stuff and then Makayla says ouch!! It was so funny!!

When we got home, after we put M down for bed, Amanda and I went to Brenna's house to make gingerbread houses. Brenna only made one for me and one for her, so Amanda just helped me make mine. It was pretty fun. We went right to bed after we got home. It was an exhausting weekend, but so much fun! I had never met Amanda before and she was totally awesome!

I had last Wednesday and Friday off school for Thanksgiving break and so I was kinda bummed to have to go back yesterday, but it's all good. This semester is almost over and I'm totally excited! Then I can focus on going to Ohio for Christmas!!! I've gotta get my lists ready for what we need, etc.

I have two big projects left for school, one quiz next week and then one exam on the 14th and then I'm done! I've already signed up for my classes for next semester, too. I'm taking one class that will be on Monday nights and then this other class that's only worth .5 credit and it's two Saturdays...one in February and one in March. I'm glad I'm slowing down before the new baby gets here because I've got a bunch of other things around the house that need to get done before June!! I've got a list somewhere...I do know I have to finish M's photobooks and then make her scrapbook for her first year. I still haven't even started it! I also have to finish mine and Adam's scrapbook. And start the new baby's pregnancy scrapbook, although I haven't even started taking pregnancy pictures yet!

Oh yeah, that reminds me! I have another ultrasound this Thursday! Totally excited to see the baby again! Then on the 8th, I have another prenatal appointment at 9am. It'll be my last one before I'm gone for a month! And then in February we get to find out the sex!! Totally pumped! I'm thinking girl right now, but it changes every few days.

Also, my mom sent us a package of stuff for the new babe! I love getting stuff for babies and it was totally awesome! She got us some onesies and a little sleeper. She also got us a blanket and then pajamas for Makayla.

Well, I better go finish reading my book, since I have a report that's due on Friday for it! I'm almost done....

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Tiffany said...

yay for babies!
yay for scrapbooks!