09 December 2009

Dr. Appt.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday for the baby. Everything is fine! I was kinda worried, but not too much, only because when I had my ultrasound last Thursday, the tech couldn't tell me ANYTHING. But the doc reassured me that the baby is fine.

And I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time yesterday!! :D It was in the 140s. Makayla was freaking out the whole time we were there, so she sat right next to me on the table while the doc measured me and listened to the heartbeat. I think M liked it.

I also got my H1N1 flu shot yesterday. I didn't want to get one, but my doctor really recommended I get it, since it affects pregnant women harder than other people, I guess. I hate getting shots and I was worried about how Makayla would react, but she didn't see it, so she was fine. She didn't even cry! :) I've got a pretty decent sized bruise from where they pricked me, though. And the nurse said that if I get a rash on my skin to call them. WTF? HA!

School is over next week and I can't wait!! I am SO ready to be done!!!!! I had my last quiz in one of my classes today and then I have my last exam on Monday and my last class is next Thursday. YES!!!! Then we are going HOME!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Also, Makayla is totally cool. I mean, we all already knew that, but get this...
When I ask her how old she is going to be, she says, "Two!!" clear as day. I am so proud of her!! I tried to get it on video tape last night, but of course, she wouldn't say it. One day, before she turns two, I will! :)

Our internet wasn't working for a while, but we got it fixed yesterday. The wireless router wasn't working or something. Oh yeah! We're getting a new tv tomorrow! Adam saw an ad on Cyber Monday for a tv, PS3, PS3 game and DVD for pretty cheap, so that's his Christmas present! Makes my job easier! HA! He got me a Snuggie for Christmas and he already gave it to me. I freaking love that thing! I've always got a blanket on me downstairs because it's so frackin' cold, so I'm totally juiced that I can read with my arms covered now! I know, I know, I could have just worn a robe, but this covers my feet, too!

So somehow, my computer is jacked or something and it won't let me upload pictures on here, so I need to get Adam to fix it and then I swear I will post some pictures.

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