04 September 2009

Tiny Update

We are going to San Diego tomorrow right after I get out of class. I'm excited but nervous. It'll be Makayla's second really long car ride and the first one she didn't do so hot on. I think there were other factors involved in that though, too.

I have three major projects due at the same time for class. It's overwhelming, but after that dreaded week, I'm hoping I can just chug through and get done with these three classes! And then move on to the next semester hopefully...and I think I'll be taking an online class next time. It seems like they're less work.

I feel like everything has taken a backburner to school. My house hasn't been cleaned in a long time, I can hardly keep up with dishes and laundry, I haven't been reading as many 'leisurely' books as I'd like to.

I'm glad we get to go to SD for a little getaway, although I am taking some schoolwork with me. We'll see how that goes. I'm taking some leisure reading with me, too and I'm guessing that's going to take precedence. We've got eight hours there and eight hours back.

Makayla got her first hair cut on Sept. 1st! She looks so grown up to me now. It's pretty precious.

I don't like being judged. It makes my heart hurt. But I do like when I tell people how I'm feeling and they get it. So thank you for that.

I have to go finish packing and do some homework, so until Tuesday, I'll leave you with this....

She's been a little sick recently, so please don't mind the runny nose that is in most of these pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Aw! M looks like a big girl! Did you save the hair? That's so cool that Trinity got to cut it.