29 August 2009

M's List

I have been compiling this list of amazing things my daughter can do since August 13th. I have just been adding to it ever since. So, without further adieu...

Words She Can Say (add to the previous lists)

bye bye
thank you
you're welcome

When I ask her, "Are you cold?", she balls her hands up in little fists, puts them near her mouth and shrugs her shoulders up just like someone would do if they were cold.

She wipes her mouth.

She can blow when asked. (Learned from YBCR.)

She loves pointing out other people's features...eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc.

She ate kiwi for the first time on the 14th and loved it!!

She gives me hugs and throws herself at me while doing so. (has done this for a long time already)

She's got 12 teeth, with no signs of any more popping through just yet.

She has also started to run a few weeks ago and it's pretty cute to watch because it's like a hop/skip sort of thing she's got goin' on.

When my mom was here, there was this one particular day that Makayla was rather attached to my mom. She was attached to her the whole time she was here, but this day was like no other. She followed my mom around the whole house. Anywhere my mom was going, M was right behind her. It was adorable. And then when my mom would stop to do something, M would just stand there with her arms up waiting to be picked up by her Nana. Precious.

On the first night of my Thursday night class (August 20th), Adam said, "Makayla" and she said "What?" on two different occasions. She's brilliant.

I went to a baby shower on the 22nd, which is the same day my mom left. We were supposed to go to a wedding that night. You'll see why I said supposed to in a minute. So I'm in the car getting ready to leave the baby shower and I see a text on my phone that says, 'Come home now. Urgent.' from Adam. So of course I freak out and call him right away to see what's up. Well, Makayla hit her head and he said it was pretty bad. Goose egg and bruise included. I was actually pretty chill about the whole thing and told him I was still going to go to Target to get a card and gift for the wedding. He had called urgent care and they said he didn't need to bring her in and he was putting ice on her head, so I knew he had things under control.

So I get home and she's eating a snack and totally fine and lively and her usual self. I asked Adam where the bruise was because I didn't see anything on her, so he brushed her hair aside and there it was. HUGE. I immediately said I wasn't going to the wedding. Oh well. She was fine, slept well that night and has had no problems since.

She started making the  kissing sound on August 22nd. It's so cute! So now when I ask her to give me a kiss, she makes the kissing sound and then gives me a kiss. :)

Today my little girl got sick. Well, it kind of started yesterday night. She got up in the middle of the night and I NEVER go in there anymore, but for some reason this crying sounded serious, so I took my chances and went it. She calmed right down when I picked her up. I gave her some teething tablets and rocked her for a few minutes and laid her back down. She went right to sleep. And then woke up an hour later, screaming again. I went back in and she was snotty everywhere! I held her, put her down, she screamed, I went back in for a third time. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. She cried for a while after that time, but I didn't go back in again. She woke up later than usual this morning and I didn't go for my run this morning because I was so tired. I am NOT giving up, though! 

I dropped her off at my daycare lady's house and told her she was sick. No biggie. When I come to pick M up, DCL (daycare lady) tells me she has a fever! Oh no! She fell asleep on the way home from school today and I felt bad for her, so I just drove around until she woke up. And then Adam took her for a walk later and she fell asleep in the stroller, too. At least she's sleeping other places now! Which will make it easier when we go to San Diego next weekend! {Like how I threw that little teaser in there for ya? ;)}

That's all for now. I still have a lot more stuff to write about, but I'm tired. School's good. I love being a nerd.

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Adam (Hubby) said...

Cute. Hey, where are the pics of the first haircut?!