11 September 2009


I have been crazy busy lately. I knew it would happen since I started going to school and I'm totally okay with it. It just seems like everything else goes by the wayside. I FINALLY cleaned all of my bathrooms yesterday after an entire month of them not being clean. Gross, I know, but hey, school takes precedence right now. Not to mention leisurely reading. HA. It's my favorite thing to do, what can I say?

I really love getting fresh, pretty magazines in the mail. I know, I am loser and I'm totally okay with that. I just got the new US Weekly and Parents. Yay!

We've got to get our cars fixed from my super awesome accident. Sucktastic.
My really big project is due on the 28th. I should probably get crackin'. I kind of started it, so that's good.

Adam is in San Jose for the evening playing DnD, so I'm hoping to get some homework done and some reading. And maybe some tv watching. I heart tv. I also have a pizza baking in the oven right now. 

I got a new laptop!!! I can't wait to start using it, but we have to buy a new cable (I think) because Adam said it doesn't use the same one that we have to transfer all my info. It's really pretty, though. :)

M and I went grocery shopping today. I forgot how nice it is to actually have food in the house! It's been a while since I went grocery shopping. School, remember? So while I was getting ready to go to the grocery store, I was washing my hands and Makayla came up to me and kissed me on my right thigh and then she went over and kissed me on my left thigh. It was so cute! And then she did it again later this evening, too. 

When we were at the grocery store and she was sitting in the cart, she leaned forward with her lips pursed to give me a kiss and then when I kissed her, she made the little smacking sound and all was good. She knew what she wanted and she wasn't even prompted from me. I heart her so much. She is so brilliant. I love when she does stuff like that on her own because then I know she really loves me. Not that I had any doubt, but since she can't say it yet, it's nice to see it.

And then when I was on the phone with my mom, I put M on and I told her to give Nana a kiss and she did. Twice! Genius. :D

Well Adam just called me, so I'm gonna peace. Lata!!

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