04 August 2009

Our Week

I feel like I have been SO busy this week, it's unreal! It's also really good though, because I've stayed out of the house and gone and done stuff with people. And got stuff done that I really needed to accomplish. Also, my mom is coming to visit us on Wednesday!! I can't wait!! I LOVE when my mom comes to see me. We always have the best time together. Plus, she always does the dishes, which I hate doing. Don't worry Mom, I'm not saving you any. :)

So onto our week:

 (Last) Saturday-Brenna, Makayla and I went shopping. Brenna has been wanting to decorate her house and she wanted me to help her pick out some stuff, so I did. She also bought me lunch. And then Josh bought me Subway for dinner. They're so sweet. Adam was still gone, so it was nice to have something to do all day long. I was just home for Makayla's nap, which was nice and long!

Sunday-I hung out with Josh and Brenna after Makayla's nap. We didn't do anything special. Ate Panda for dinner.

Monday-We had no plans and Adam was still gone, so I was kind of bummed, but then I was on the phone with my mom and my neighbor, Heather, came over to see if we wanted to go swimming, so we did. The pool was so nasty looking, but I just tried not to think about that and took a shower right after I gave M a bath. HA! After we went swimming, Heather and her daughter, Kezia, came in for a few minutes and the girls were so adorable together! They sat on this bean bag chair thing that we have for M. I later realized that wasn't the best idea since they got it all wet. No biggie, I just threw it in the wash. So anyway, we're talking and the girls are playing and then I see this huge puddle on the floor and I thought maybe someone was just still really wet and got pool water everywhere. Oh no. Kezia peed on the floor! Then, to make matters worse, Makayla slipped in it and fell and hit her head on the floor. I'm cleaning that up and I look over and Makayla is now peeing on the floor! I guess that's what we get for keeping them in their swimmie diapers too long, huh? Lesson learned.

Tuesday- We had a playdate with Debbie (gymnastics mom) and her daughter, Kaylie. They came over to our house since we were at their place last time. I love hanging out with her. We have a lot in common. They were here during lunch time and I didn't have any plans for me and M, so she said she was going to In N Out, so we all went together. It was a feat getting all of us out, ordering food and getting high chairs for both girls! And we all know how In N Out is during lunch time... crowded! So we ate outside in the sun. Makayla was pooped after that excursion! So after her nap, we went grocery shopping. I had big plans to cook every night this week. They later failed, but it's my own fault. But I did make some awesome gnocchi soup this evening! It was wonderful.

Wednesday-We had another playdate with Christy and Renee. We headed to their apartment after M woke from her nappage. It was nice to hang with them. Later, Christy and I went to Jen's baby shower. She had little Nehemiah about a month ago. And she had a home birth (her second!) and I am SO intrigued by it now. Especially since I watched The Business of Being Born recently. I don't know if I could do a home birth, but I'm definitely contemplating a water birth and no drugs, for sure. I want to get together with Jen and pick her brain some more.

Thursday-M and I went to Solano College to get my books for class. I planned on buying all used books because I could care less if my stupid college books are brand new, but of course, they didn't have any used books for any of my classes! So, I had to spend $321 on books! For three classes! Lame. At least I'll get that money back from the GI Bill. That's a plus. That night, I went to dinner with Melinda. We ate at Chipotle and it was awesome!! We headed over to B&N after that to look at some books. I love hanging out with her. :)

Friday-We just relaxed at home since we have been going all week long. We ate at Rock N Roll sushi for dinner. I heart sushi!! Then Josh (a different Josh) and his girlfriend, Beth, came over to get our old car. We got rid of it! And we got $1 for it. HA!

Saturday-I slept in! It was blissful. Adam got up with M and he was making lunch when I came downstairs. Yes, I slept in until 11. Then, while Makayla took her nap, Adam napped and I read my book. It was a nice peaceful day today. After everyone was up, we got ready and headed to the mall. I got a new bra and I'm kind of upset because Victoria's Secret is discontinuing my absolute favorite bra and I just discovered it mere months ago! Sad face. But I did get it for twenty bucks today, so yay for that! We also got Adam a new pair of sandals. He needed them. And then we went to Red Robin for dinner with Josh and Beth (above mentioned couple). Josh wanted to buy us dinner for us giving him our car. It was nice. And now, I'm sitting here writing this while Adam plays Zelda on the Wii. Such a nice day.

That's what we've been doing. I can't wait for my mom to get here!!!!
Also, I have been wanting to make a list of words M can say, so here it is. :D

Words Makayla can say:
no(cutest!! Her mouth makes this adorable shape when she says it.)
good girl
'bo bo' (means doggie in her world)
I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of for now.

Also, I start school on the 19th. I'm stoked. :)

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