02 August 2009


I just wanted to jot down a few cute things that have happened this weekend thus far.

Yesterday when Brenna, Makayla and I were in the car coming home from Subway, I said something and Makayla said, 'That sucks!'. I kid you not. It was clear as day. And then she said it again!!! We were laughing so hard! I guess I say that phrase quite often. :)

Today Makayla drank from a straw sippy cup for the first time!! When I first gave it to her, she was really excited and smiled, but then I think she realized she didn't know how to do it. So I got down with her and showed her how to suck the juice out of it and she caught on after I showed her twice. That child never ceases to amaze me.

I never posted a 19 month post for her, so here are some other things she can do that I may or may not have mentioned here before:

She says bubble and ball. Clearly.
She picks up any piece of lint she sees and gives it to me. If I don't take it immediately, she gets mad at me.
She loves, loves, loves throwing things in the garbage! If I give her a paper to play with or something, she throws it away and is SO satisfied with herself after she does. So now I give her things that I want her to throw away and I tell her to 'Throw it in the garbage' and she does. 
She can follow simple commands such as, 'Go get a book from your room and bring it to Mommy' or 'Go get your shoes'.
She can put her shoes on herself most of the time.
She loves wearing her new Crocs everywhere. I had to take them away from her today because she tripped twice while wearing them and she freaked out. (I think they're a little big still.)
I think I mentioned these before but she knows 'chin, hair, hat(she points to her head when asked where it goes), fingers, legs, arm, bellybutton, teeth' along with all the others she already knows. 

My child? Pure genius.

I haven't been doing Your Baby Can Read as much as I should have this past week when Adam's family was in town. I'm starting back up again today, though. It's so hard to keep up with when you have visitors! I just need to stick to it because it's obviously working!!


Anonymous said...

That's funny! I can't wait for Reese to pick up lint. Maybe the house will stay in order then.....

I was going to do a post about how Reese follows commands too! Our kids are amazing huh?

Ky and Kami's mom said...

What a smart girl :). One time Ky dropped the F-bomb in the car....that's when I decided I needed to work on my road rage haha!

Kyliana would ONLY drink out of straw sippy cups. I think she was too lazy to tip the cups back so the straw was easier haha.

I can imagine how proud you are to have such a smart child!