29 July 2009

The Fam's Visit And Other Business

Adam's stepmom and sisters came out to visit us this past weekend. They flew in on Thursday the 23rd, late at night and left on the 28th, late at night.

It was an AWESOME visit. We all had so much fun, laughing and talking and getting over past problems we had. Apologies were said and things could not be better. Well, we could live closer to them, but hopefully that'll happen soon enough. It was wonderful.
L to R: Ashley, Makayla, me, Vicki, Jessi and Katie.

Adam took them to San Francisco on Monday. They loved it. Jessi stayed home with me and Makayla. Other than that, we didn't do anything spectacular. Just hung out and got to know each other better. It was great.

On Wednesday night, we got a new car!!! Well, it's new to us. It's a 2006 Honda Pilot. I heart that car so much!! Adam is going to get my old car and we are giving away his 2001 Honda Civic to someone in our church that needs a car. We didn't get home until 8pm from the dealership and Makayla was trying to fall asleep in the car, so I had to keep yelling at her and singing at the top of my lungs to keep her from falling asleep. She almost didn't care, though. Luckily we made it home and put her right to bed.

Then Adam and I watched Apollo 13. I had never seen it before and had no idea what happened or anything. It was great!! I also finished reading Momzillas. Apparently I fly through books. I guess I never realized it, but I really do. I can read a book in about two days. I'm getting rid of a bunch of stuff again. I had some books and DVDs on amazon.com, but they weren't selling (because I want a decent amount of money for them!), so I took them off and they're going to Goodwill. Along with our old DVD holder and our TV cabinet thing. I really love getting rid of stuff. I started reading Thin Is The New Happy. I didn't start my other books like I thought I was going to because I made a visit to the library. :)

I bought two collage picture frame things so now I need to figure out which pictures to print out to put in them. I'm going to do that this weekend, hopefully.

Adam is gone this weekend for a wedding in West Virginia. He'll be back Monday night. I always feel like I'm so alone, even though I know I'm really not. Weird. I have some plans for this weekend already, though, so that's good!!

We are finally down to one nap with Makayla!! It has taken a while and when it's time for bed, she's pretty beat, but that's a good thing. She goes right to bed. And she's been sleeping for two hours for her nap, so yay!

I feel like I'm always trying to tidy things around here. Put stuff away. I'm always adding to my to do list, but nothing seems to get crossed off!

This post is everywhere, so I'm done now.


Anonymous said...

I love when family visits. Adam's sisters are gorgeous! I've never seen them. I can't believe how long M's hair is. Reese is still near bald. So cute!

P.S. Love the car. I'm jealous!

Giving things [car] away is awesome huh?

Melinda Lillis said...

I love your new ride Linds!!!