11 August 2009

Movies and Books

In the past four days, I have watched The Neverending Story (for the FIRST time), Blonde Ambition (lame, but it had Jessica Simpson, so duh), Baby On Board (like Knocked Up, only lamer {is that a word??}), Wanted (GREAT MOVIE!!!) and Amelie (so cute!!). Yeah, I rocked that tv this weekend, whaaaaaat?!

I really just like crossing things off of my list of stuff to watch or read. I'm lame like that.

I also finished reading An Egg On Three Sticks and started The Mission of Motherhood.

I also just checked the library website and they have two books that I have been wanting to read!! I am so excited and I'm totally going to the library bright and early tomorrow morning. I'm a dork, but whatev.

That is all. I love getting excited over dumb things.

Not to mention on Sunday, I dusted the entire house (fans included!), vaccumed the rugs and the entire upstairs, folded and put away three loads of laundry and did two loads of dishes. Adam swept the floors downstairs for me.

Today I cleaned all three bathrooms, did more dishes and more laundry. It was a productive few days, I'd say.

Two more days til mi madre is here!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!

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Nathan said...

I can't believe you never watched "The Neverending Story"...one of the best movies ever, but I wonder if it would be good watching it for the first time now...prolly not...Trust me, it was way better 20 years ago! How about "The Dark Crystal"? If you haven't seen that one you should put it on your list...but again, it might not be as good for you now after 20 years.