09 July 2009

Sweet Moments

Yesterday morning Makayla and I were in our bedroom playing on the floor. Our closet has mirror doors on it and M looooooooves to look at herself and talk and talk and talk to herself while looking in the mirror. I'm pretty sure she just recently discovered that that little person is actually her! Yay!

I was laying on the floor while she was gabbing away to herself and then I just picked her up and laid her right on my chest like I used to when she was just a little baby. And do you know what she did?! SHE LAID THERE. With me. And we just laid there and looked at each other in the mirror. She was holding her beloved doggies and I was rubbing her head. It was wonderful.

We laid there for a really long time, but once she was ready to get up, I was so sad. She got up once and then came back for more snuggling. It really made my heart happy. She kicked her legs a few times and then just stayed put otherwise. Oh man, it was so blissful. 

These are the moments I will never forget and always treasure.

Today we went to Olive Garden for dinner. So yummy!! Adam asked me to take Makayla to the car while he paid the bill for all of us (Josh and Brenna went, too) , so Brenna came with us. Anyway.

We were walking out to the car and I don't usually watch Makayla while she walks anymore since she's so good at it. But I ALWAYS hold her hand since I'm totally paranoid about parking lots and crazy drivers. And I guess I must have made her walk too fast or she stopped to look at something or something because next thing I know she's on the ground, poor thing! She scraped both of her knees on the pavement. I felt so awful!! But once we got the car and I checked her out, there were no visible marks or anything and she wasn't even crying, so I think she's a-ok. :)

Let me tell you, my heart stopped for a minute, though.

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Ky and Kami's mom said...

What a good mom you are! At this point, I would tell Kyliana to suck it up haha! She's such a drama queen though. And how sweet about the snuggling. Ky was never a cuddler, she was so independent, so now she tells me to let go of her. At least I have Kami who always wants to be held :)