07 July 2009

Dental Work

I got the first half of my dental workage done. The right side of my mouth is numb. I hate it.

I can't eat until my mouth is no longer numb and I'm so hungry. This is the most expensive diet plan ever!! Gotta make an appointment to get the left side done...maybe this week, but probably next. Either way I hate the feeling of having a numb mouth! It was cool at first, but now it just sucks.

Melinda came over last night to watch The Bachelorette. I'm SO glad Jillian finally got rid of Wes! What a lame loser that guy was. Ugh. I made brownies for us. They were delish!

I really have nothing else to say right now except that I can't wait for the Subway Adam will be getting me when my mouth is done being numb. :D

1 comment:

Adam said...

Yeah, Wes is gone, now I have to watch the Bachelorette...stupid bet!