05 July 2009

4th of July

This weekend was pretty fun. Adam had off Friday. We were going to go to this children's museum/exploratorium thing in Berkeley/Oakland, but we didn't. Instead, we ran a bunch of errands...grocery shopping for the bbq we had yesterday, dropping something off at the game store, sending a package, etc. It was a nice easy day.

Yesterday we had a bbq for some of our friends. It was a really fun time. I always get really antsy right before we are going to have a bunch of people over because I hate when people mess up my house and then just leave, ya know? But it was all good. I'm still cleaning up the aftermath today, but hey, it's what we do. :) I also got to have a conversation with someone last night that was very necessary. I hope everything works out. We didn't go to the fireworks yesterday. I think Makayla is still too young to go and I don't want her to get freaked out by them. There were some people doing fireworks around our house, but it didn't wake her, so that's good. Adam went and hung out with the guys after M went to bed.

Today Adam prayed at our church in his blues. Since he's in the military, he wore his blues...the fancy uniform...not BDUs and since it was 4th of July on Saturday, they wanted someone in the military to pray while wearing a uniform. He did amazing, but after the first service prayer he was walking down the steps and missed a step and twisted his ankle and it's hurting him pretty bad now. I hope he didn't break it. I'm so thankful for such a wonderful husband and that he's so willing to serve our God. We ate Chipotle for lunch. Yum. I really heart their vegetarian burritos. Even though I'm not a vegetarian anymore, I don't eat a whole lot of meat still. After we ate I took M to Kohl's to buy a few things and give Adam a break. He's been watching Makayla an awful lot these past two weeks, so I figured he needed some down time, just like everyone does! Adam went to see The Transformers 2 tonight with Jeremy and I stayed home with M. She's talking to herself in her crib right now. HAHA! That's all we've done this weekend.

What did you guys do??


Nathan said...

"Today Adam prayed at our church in his blues"...can you translate that sentence cause I'm not sure what that means lol.

Nathan said...

Thanks for updating/explaining to the militarily challenged!

The Bardwells said...

Hey! Sounds like you guys had a nice day. We didn't take Audrey to fireworks either...luckily we could see some form outside our building. :) We still had a fun day with her regardless AND she slept through all the noise! Yay!

Hey, do you have an email or facebook anymore? I find it challenging sometimes to reply to your messages on here...I know how lame that sounds! LOL! If there was an easier way to chat Iw ould love it! :) Talk to you soon.