09 July 2009

Crazy Moms

I am not always a good mother. 

There are many, many, many mornings where I leave Makayla in her crib for at least 30 minutes after she woke up. I just cannot get up at 7:30am! Especially after going to bed so late the night before. Not gonna happen.

There have been countless times where I let her run around and play while I am on the computer for hours at a time. Yes, hours. Why don't I wait until she naps? I don't know. It's awful.

I don't make her eat fruits and vegetables every day. There was a time where I gave her peanut butter and jelly every day for lunch for probably a month straight.

I don't always follow through if she's doing something I know she shouldn't be. If it gives me a few moments peace, I'm okay with that as long as she's not in danger.

I yell at her when she's crying sometimes.

I am not always a good mother.

BUT, there are some things that other mothers do that I will NEVER do. I honestly mean never. (Also, if you are a mother that does any of these with her child, I'm sorry. I am not judging you, but you will never see this crap in my house.)

I will never let my child drink pop before the age of 2. Most likely probably before the age of 3, but I'll go with 2 just to be nice. Now beer on the other hand? She had that at 6 months. What can I say, she likes it!

I will never, ever, ever let my child have a pacifier after the age of 1. Makayla never really took a pacifier so it wasn't a really big deal in our house anyway, but man, those kids that have them until 3! What are you thinking??

I will never let my child have a bottle after 14 months. We didn't have to deal with this either because M was breastfed until she was 13 months and took sippy cups at 8 months, but wow. I just won't do it.

I will not breastfeed my child longer than 14 months, either. I say 14 months because I don't know what our next (non-existent) child is going to be like and I like to have a buffer. But those moms that breastfeed their kids until they're 2?? Crazy.

I don't understand how people don't have set bedtimes for their kids, either. You HAVE to have consistency in your child's life. Plus bedtime is my sanity time.

What do other moms do that drive you crazy?


Adam (Hubby) said...

Moms that take less than 800 pictures per month of their baby drive me crazy. :D

I love you girl, for how much you love our little one!


Ky and Kami's mom said...

Ok, I felt like I was reading my own blog! I do all the same things you do...and I would never do all the same things you wouldn't. Kyliana is 3yrs and 4months and she thinks pop is an adult drink. I told her that if SD offers it to her to tell him she doesn't like it and can't have it. Ky was off the paci by 11 mos and then we bought her this t-shirt that said "Pacifiers are for suckers" hahaha! Some daycare parents didn't like that ;). Kami is paci addicted, so I don't know how it will be getting her off of it. I think if your kid is walking, he/she should be off the bottle and the paci. It's not cute to see a toddler with a bottle or paci. I knew a mom whose 4-5 year old son had a pacifier!!!! WHOA! And bedtime...if we don't get Ky in bed at her bedtime, she wakes up early and then is a brat all day the next day. Fantastic!

Tiffany said...

Um so did you know that there are some crazies out there who will breastfeed their kids until they are 5yrs old or older!!

Nathan said...

Ahem...apparently you forgot that you sucked your thumb until you were like 7 or 8...maybe longer, I forget. I don't see much of a leap between a pacifier and a thumb. But at least you had that blanket scrap to take the edge off! What can I say, as the elder brother I feel it's my duty to remind you of these things.

Elissa Brissey said...

I hate that when people give their kids pop at a young age! Christian had his first drink of pop at 6! Me and Bill saw some lil girl with a pacifier in her mouth and she had to be at LEAST 5! I HATE that! I don't think your a bad momma cuz I do all those things you listed also!