09 July 2009

Jumping On The Bed!!

Makayla loves to climb onto the bed in the extra bedroom. And the window seat is right there so she can climb right onto that from the bed. Which she does. All the time. And today I finally got a picture of it. So cute, right? I had no idea what was going to happen next...

She jumped right on the bed! She has never done that before. This is the first shot I got of it. I love how the clock is in the air. It did not hit her in the head, I swear.
The next one, only moments later. I love that you can see what time it is, too. Yes, she was still in her pajamas at 1:16 in the afternoon. I'm an awesome mom like that. And look at all the air she's getting!!
Oh boy, we're having fun now! :D Look at all the joy on that face. I will never stop her from having this much fun!!
Taking a little rest from all that jumping...
And back at it for one more time. I had the floor lined with pillows because she came dangerously close to the edge quite a few times. It was so fun to watch her jump on the bed and then get back up to do it all over again. She was laughing the whole time, too.

Oh and she had to hold the clock every time she jumped, too. Hilarious!!

I LOVE these moments.


Adam (Hubby) said...

Start buying lottery tickets. I don't wanna work anymore and have to miss this stuff!

Ky and Kami's mom said...

So adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG she is hilarious!!!!! Oh, and don't worry, some days Reese and I both stay in our jams past 1:16 p.m.