11 July 2009

June/July Photos From Adam's iPhone

Adam, Makayla and I went to run a few errands this afternoon after Adam got off work, so we decided to go eat at Fresh Choice while we were out. So we're just sitting there, eating our dinner when Makayla busts out with these awesome poses....

We call this one 'The Snake'.
And this is 'The Monkey'. She just did this sweet move while she was eating and we all started doing it and we were cracking up at each other! It was so sweet! I was totally in tears. HA!
Here is Makayla and Uncle Jer on the 4th of July. I'm not sure if she liked going for a ride on the wheelchair or not...what do you think?? Either way she looks super cute!
Here she is at Chili's sometime in June. She ate a lot of ranch. The child LOVES ranch dressing and ketchup! I gave her some ketchup today with her sweet potato fries and she just dipped her fingers in it and licked her fingers. And she got it ALL OVER her belly!! I was smart and took her shirt off before she ate first.
And here she is with a doggie. She kept pointing at this dog for, like, ever and then the owner brought her over and she freaked her freak! She didn't want anything to do with it. Weird.

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