12 July 2009


I'm getting better about posting pictures, aren't I? Enjoy!!

Brushing her teeth.
When we tell her to smile, this is what we get. I love it!
A bona-fide smile. 
My little cheese head!!
She is just too precious for words.
I'm not really sure why she's sticking her booty out, but look at that outfit! How cute!!
It's very stressful brushing your teeth!
I want YOU to come play with me.
She's so professional, she even has her hand in her pocket.
A hot mess right there. HAHA!!
My ham sandwich!
Eating her dinner.

Makayla and I haven't really done anything spectacular since Adam has been gone this weekend. Yesterday we went to Chipotle with Stephanie and then Josh and Brenna came over later that night to hang out for a bit. Also I got to see Stephanie's new house. So cute!!

Today we didn't make it to church because Mama didn't get up in time. We went grocery shopping after M's first nap...something that was MUCH needed around here! I also swept and mopped downstairs. I'm so proud of me! :)

Other than that, we've just been hanging around the house, really. I made 7 lbs. of tortellini for dinner today. HAHAHA!! I didn't read the bag before I made it, so I dumped the whole thing in the water and it said 7 lbs. on the bag. Oh well! I've got something for lunch for us tomorrow, I guess. 

I'm going to start reading this book my friend Sarah let me borrow. It's called The Princess. I'll let you know if it's any good.

P.S. I have a crazy awesome post coming up for my 200th post!! Stay tuned....


Vargo said...

I love these pictures! I used to smile with my nose all scrunched up like that when I was little. In fact my kindergarten and first grade pictures look like that because I still didn't know how to smile correctly.

Ky and Kami's mom said...

Gosh she is just gorgeous!