13 July 2009

Adam Comes Home Tomorrow!!!

I so can't wait. I know it's only been four days, but we've already been through two deployments together so I can complain about four days. I'm entitled. :)

He sent me flowers today!!! It made my whole day better. I love him so much. And the flowers are so pretty and smell wonderful!!!!

Hmmmm, so let's see what did I do today? Well, a whole lot of nothing. Took the trash out...took M's dirty diapers out...took the recyclables out...cleaned up three different messes from three different meals....picked up toys incessantly....took a shower....got the mail....fed my girl....fed myself....smelled some pretty flowers....paid some bills....

See? I'm really boring. We didn't do anything today. We stayed inside all day long. And I'm okay with that. Makayla has been coughing in the middle of the night for the past two nights, so I don't think she minded that we didn't go anywhere today. It's okay to have those days every once in a while, right?? Also she's wheezing right now, so I think it was for the better. Her 18 month check up is this Friday, so I'm not taking her to the doctor's before then. She's fine.

Oh yeah, I cleaned the kitchen, too. And made cornbread for Melinda since she's coming over to watch The Bachelorette with me!! I'm so excited. I love having company! At least every once in a while. ;)

I also found out I've got $50 to spend at Motherhood Maternity. I know, I know, I'm not pregnant, but it's free money! It's kind of a long story, so if you're interested let me know and I'll post how I got it. The certificates expire December 20th so I told Adam I have to get knocked up before then. HAHA! We'll see what the Lord has planned.

I'm reading this book called The Princess. I think I mentioned it yesterday...it's really good so far and I'm not even halfway through!! Such a sweet story. Order it from amazon. Love it already.

I have an eye appointment tomorrow and I cannot wait!! I was trying to get someone to watch M, but they can't so I've got to take her along. I just hope she's good. I am totally out of contacts except for the ones I have in my eyeballs right now and I've had them in for at least a month, probably longer. You're not supposed to wear them for more than 2 weeks before you toss 'em. Bad me. Hopefully I can get some new ones tomorrow. My eyes will thank me.

Makayla has been getting into our pantry so much lately! She takes everything out of it. Adam really needs to put the locks on our cabinets. But it does keep her busy for quite some time. I just don't want the flour to go everywhere...plus she's already gotten into all the cereal and eaten some of it. HA! But we keep our medicine in there too and I know that can't be good. She does love her some pantry, though!

Dude man, have you ever tried Sun•Maid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins? If you haven't you should go to the store right now and buy some!! They are delish!! Like on the real, yo.

I love that Makayla kisses me every time I ask her for a kiss. It's so sweet. She just comes over to me and leans her face into mine and then I kiss her on the lips. Cuteness!!

I think I need to make more of an effort to do more things with Makayla during the day. We go to Target a lot, but I want to do some kid type things with her. It's way too hot to go to the park, though. I mean, it's 6:45pm and it's still 96ยบ out!!! I started sweating just on the walk to get the mail and it's only down the street, people!! Any tips on what to do to entertain my wild child during the days? Any fun crafts ya got? Or anywhere to go? I'm all ears.

Well, my 200th post will be up tomorrow!! Look for it, kids!!!!! And get excited! :D


Anonymous said...

I had that free money from Motherhood too! Taking information they weren't supposed to! I can't use it now though. Bummer.

We play with chalk outside sometimes. Pool other days and a play group that the base provides. Maybe M would like swimming lessons?

Ky and Kami's mom said...

Boo I didn't get money for motherhood maternity! It's too late now :(

Hope the eye appointment went well!!