14 July 2009

My 200th Post!!

In celebration of my 200th post I am going to write 200 things about me. You don't have to read it, but you may find out something you don't know about me. :)

1. I am hopelessly addicted to Chapstick. I'm sure most people know this one already, but it's still worth mentioning.

2. I love to read. A lot. I really adore reading when it's raining outside...snuggling up in bed with a nice big blanket. The best!

3. My middle name is Michelle and I always wanted to change my first name to Michelle, but then I didn't have a new middle name so I never did. Not that I really considered it that hard, but you get the point.

4. I can't swim. I blame this on my brother. (Just kidding, Nate!) He was born 6.5 years before me so when I came, my parents didn't want to teach me.

5. I HATE mayonnaise and anything and everything that has mayo in it. Sick.

6. I love old people. Like more than normal, I think. Also I have a really huge soft spot for 'handicapped' people.

7. I have never felt comfortable wearing shorts. My legs are far too fat.

8. I am ridiculously obsessed with organizing and clearing out our extra bedroom for our non-existent child. I am well aware that God can not give us another child, but I have a huge desire for one so I am preparing before I'm even knocked up. Call me crazy, whatev.

9. I heart reality tv. It's so fun to me to watch other people's drama unfold before my eyes every single week.

10. I cannot watch scary movies. I also really, really, really can't listen to people talk about them. Even if I haven't seen the movie (because I'm dumb and watch them sometimes), I freak out and have to plug my ears.

11. I hate holes. Multiple holes in things. It's disgusting and I don't know anyone else that has this problem, but it makes me all twitchy and my neck gets really funky. It's hard to explain. It's called trypophobia. Apparently it's more common than I thought....

12. I have ALWAYS had that fear, ever since I can remember. It's so gross. I loathe looking at pomegranates because they remind me of multiple holes. I have never eaten one because of that.

13. I adore recycling. It is so much fun to me! Like I really love finishing using something that is in a recyclable container JUST so I can recycle it.

14. I married the hottest guy that plays DnD. True story.

15. I am absolutely without a doubt 100% positive that I have the most beautiful baby in the entire world. Yes, she is cuter than your kid and yours and yours and yours, too. I know everyone says that about their child, but I swear it's not because I'm biased. It's because I have never seen another child so beautiful in all my life.

16. I want to get my degree one day.

17. I am so excited to be going back to school in August. I can't wait!!!

18. I LOVE reading other mommy blogs. I read so many blogs and these people don't even know I exist. It's really fun for me to read what other people do with their kids, though.

19. I go out to eat almost every single day. It's a disgusting habit, I know, but I can't seem to break it.

20. I loathe cooking. With a passion. Probably doesn't really help with #19.

21. My birthday is May 2 and Adam's is May 3. We were born a day apart, the same year and one state apart. Love!

22. I have a crazy neighbor lady who lives behind us and she made us cut down our tree that was in our yard because it was sporing in her yard. Whatev.

23. I constantly want to change the bedding in our bedroom.

24. I always have a mile long to do list and it seems as though nothing ever gets crossed off of it!

25. Even though I have the cutest child ever, I adore babies and small children. They are all so precious!!!

26. I miss the newborn stage of Makayla's life. Weird, I know. The crying incessantly, never sleeping, pooping all over the place, all the new things she learned every day, etc., etc.

27. I want to have three children...maybe more, if that's what God wants for our family.

28.  Makayla was supposed to be twins, but I'm pretty sure she ate the other one and she's stronger now from it. :) Seriously though, she was. We found out at 7 1/2 weeks that the other one died.

29. I love sleeping in. Probably more than I love any other thing in life. And I get up every day at 7:30am. Not my idea of sleeping in.

30.  I would do ANYTHING for my daughter. ANYTHING. Take a bullet, kill someone, give up my house, you name it and I will do it if it means keeping her safe.

31. I hate public speaking, but growing up all I ever wanted to be was an actress.

32.  Also while growing up in Ohio, I wanted to live in California and have my car have a California license plate. Done and done. :)

33. When I was in high school, I went to IMTA-International Modeling and Talent Agency. It was a 9 day trip to Los Angeles with ProModel Management/Barbizan. It was one of the best times I have ever had in my entire life. I learned a lot about myself on that trip and I never got a callback.

34. I was a C-5 Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Mechanic. It was a very hard and trying job. It was difficult to go to work every day because of the things I knew I would encounter, but I learned so much about myself and I did things I never would have dreamed of doing. It was amazing.

35. I separated from the Air Force when I found out I was pregnant. Sometimes I regret getting out, but most days, I don't regret it.

36. I sleep with a small hot pink pillow that Adam bought me on our honeymoon. I didn't have my own pillow with me (which I normally do), so he bought me one. I have taken it on every trip since.

37. I am terrified of the dark. Absolutely, gut wrenchingly, terrified. There is a night light in every room.

38. I didn't know how to tell time until I was in junior high. I also didn't know how to count change. My stepdad used to get so pissed at me for that.

39. I sucked my thumb until I was 11 years old. Yes, I know, gross. It was mostly a night time thing, though. My stepdad also hated that and any time he'd see me with my thumb in my mouth, he'd smack it out.

40. I miss Ohio every single day of my life. It's difficult for me to live in California without any family around. Some days are better than others, but I can never go on a date with my husband due to the lack of babysitters. Plus I just miss seeing my family every day.

41. I love that my brother reads my blog. Every time I see a comment from him, I get really excited. :)

42. I love brand new clean sheets on the bed. It's so wonderful to crawl into a bed with freshly cleaned sheets.

43. When I was pregnant I was obsessed with washing my feet every night before I went to bed. I still do.

44. I loved being pregnant. It was the only time in my life that I felt beautiful for 9 months straight.

45. I'm glad that Makayla was born on Christmas. I wasn't happy about it at first, but how cool is it that she shares her birthday with Jesus, right?!

46. I am insanely impatient. And lazy.

47. I love to chew ice. I want to eat it daily, but only the good kind from a fast food place or a restaurant. The ice in my house just doesn't cut it.

48. I judge people by how clean their house is. Sorry, but it's true.

49. I hate cleaning, though.

50. I used to love cleaning, but ever since I had a kid, I just can't find the time for it anymore. Or is it I don't want to make the time??

51. When Makayla naps, I relax. That's my 'me' time. I don't like to clean or do anything besides chill...watch tv, surf the 'net or read a book or magazine. Just for me.

52. I loathe drying my hair. With a passion.

53. I also loathe putting make-up on. But I have to choose one or the other, so I do make-up and my hair goes up in a bun. Gotta look halfway presentable, right?

54. I hate hot weather. I know, I'm crazy for living in California.

55. I sweat profusely. It's kind of disgusting.

56. I hate making the bed.

57. I'm wondering right now why I wanted to be a housewife again?? Apparently I don't like doing anything that it entails. Now I'm wondering if I'm failing miserably at my job. Yikes.

58. It has taken me days to write this post and I'm not even halfway through!!

59. 200 things about me is A LOT harder than I thought it was going to be.

60. I stay up way too late every single night. I usually have good intentions of going to bed earlier, but I always fail and end up on the internet or reading or watching tv.

61. I have a very poor self image. Can you tell much?

62. I have had 5 different MySpace pages. The last time I deleted it, I said I would never make another one again and I still haven't. I'm sticking to my guns this time.

63. I am 50% Sicilian and I love that.

64. My parents are the greatest parents in the world. I still get sad every once in a while that they aren't still married to each other, though.

65. My parents got divorced when I was 4 years old. I have no memories of them together.

66. I hate the number 6.

67. However number 7 is my favorite. I love how it looks.

68. My favorite color is hot, hot, hot pink. Like bright fuschia. It's fabulous.

69. I have a huge anger problem.

70. I am always on the defense. If people whisper around me, I immediately think they are talking about me.

71. I love to take pictures of myself. I probably have over 1,000 pictures of just me.

72. Ever since Makayla came along I don't take as many pictures of myself, though. They are almost all of her now and I'm okay with that. :)

73. I wonder if people are going to think this is the most boring thing they have ever read.

74. It is so hard for me to get comfortable. Like when I lay down to go to bed or when I sit down or anything, really.

75. It takes me at least half an hour to fall asleep at night. But if I nap, I'm out in 10 minutes or less.

76. I love to crochet, but I don't do it as much as I'd like.

77. I own a Macintosh computer and it's the best thing ever!

78. I always wear my wedding rings. I'm not opposed to taking them off. I just don't. I think it's because when I was in the Air Force I couldn't wear them to work ever.

79. I am always scared that someone is going to break into my house while Adam is out of town. I couldn't sleep last night for two hours because I thought someone was going to break in.

80. I am terrified of being shot.

81. And drowning.

82. I want to go skydiving, but I know I'll never do it.

83. I have wanted to visit Madagascar since I went to the zoo one year and saw a monkey from there. My desire to visit there will never go away.

84. I had a black lab named Kismet while I was growing up. He was my best friend. He died from seizures in December 2004. I'm still sad about it.

85. I hate grocery shopping. It's much harder when you have a child.

86. Sometimes my hands type faster than my brain thinks.

87. I constantly pick up messes around my house because I don't like to feel like I'm dirty from having clutter everywhere.

88. I hate mopping. It's the absolute worst household chore ever.

89. I don't really mind doing or folding laundry. Those are kind of fun and Makayla likes to help me out, too.

90. I love to brush my teeth. I brush them, at the very least, three times a day. It's a sickness, yet I still have nine cavities. Go figure.

91. I love books, but I don't love having tons of them around that I've already read. I really should just start going to the library more often.

92. I had the most beautiful wedding dress ever. Along with the most beautiful wedding.

93. I used to collect picture frames and put pictures of people I love in them. I don't really do that much anymore.

94. I also used to collect candles, but I kind of stopped doing that, too.

95. Ever since I got married, I really hate clutter. Like even more than I used to. I guess I'm just a simplistic type of girl.

96. I love Jesus, but I don't read my Bible every day like I should.

97. My family is THE most important thing to me.

98. I want to own a sewing machine, but I'm afraid to buy one because I have no idea where we would put it when (if) we have another baby.

99. I love when my house is freezing cold and I can snuggle under a blanket.

100. I'm trying to be more positive.

101. Sometimes I think that my friends don't really like me.

102. I really want to be back in high school some days. Those were some of my favorite times in my life. I don't really want the schoolwork again, but the hanging out and getting rides with Ashley in the morning were the best!

103. Calla lilies and daisies are my favorite flowers.

104. My favorite uncle died in 1999. From cancer. 

105. I hate swearing, but I do it pretty often.

106. I wish I could have a room devoted strictly to my crafts...scrapbooking, sewing, etc. A place that I would keep tidy, but never have to put everything in closets or away or anything.

107. I think I have built up an immunity to Tylenol PM.

108. I look at myself in the mirror way more than the average person. If there is a mirror in the room I'm in, I am guaranteed to look at it at least 100 times.

109. New baby smell is the best. Once they become toddlers and eat normal food, they kind of start to stink. :)

110. I also look at the clock way too much, too. And I ask what time it is way too much.

111. I have owned two dogs since I've been married. Both of which I got rid of within two weeks of owning. I guess I'm just not meant to have a dog.

112. I have a betta fish named Ignatius. We just call him Fishy.

113. I am always at a loss for what to feed Makayla for dinner. It's just so hard to think of something to give her!!

114. My very, very, very favorite show ever is Friends. I could watch every episode over and over again. In fact, I have.

115. I sleep on my stomach most of the time.

116. I really didn't like not being able to sleep on my stomach while I was pregnant. That part kind of sucked.

117. I have multiple books on my bookshelf right now that I want to read.

118. And I'm in the middle of at least 3 books as we speak.

119. I'm going to start reading a new book tonight. Yes, before I finish the other ones.

120. I love summer nights when the air is crisp but not too hot.

121. I hate going out on boats.

122. When I was five my mom had a birthday party for me at our old house in Medina (in the basement) and I remember my dad bringing over two garbage bags full of gifts for me.

123. When I was little my mom used to cut my hair so I had 'wings' on the sides. It was awful.

124. My very first memory ever is of getting out of a bright green car with peach interior. That? Also awful. ;)

125. I have one brother and I like it that way.

126. I have four stepsisters and two stepbrothers, though.

127. I hate talking on the phone. It's okay every once in a while, but I especially hate it when nobody is talking.

128. When Adam and I were dating/engaged we used to watch movies together while on the phone with each other. It was sweet.

129. I hate taking the garbage out.

13o. Everything in my house has a place and when everything is not in its place, I freak out just a little bit. Also part of the reason I always clean up messes throughout the day.

131. I love seeing rays of sunshine come through the clouds.

132. I think we spent too much money on our house and on the renovations we put into our house.

133. I used to have a notebook that I would write words that I didn't know the meaning of from whatever book I was reading and then look them up in the dictionary later.

134. I kind of hate writing.

135. I also forget to write people back sometimes when they email me.

136. I want to get a nautical star tattooed in my left wrist. Hopefully one day...

137. Basic training was one of the best times of my life. It wasn't fun while I was going through it, but looking back on it, I wish I would have cherished that time more. And I want to do it again.

138. Before I went to BMT (basic military training), I used to drive to my dad's house and workout every day.

139. When I went to BMT, I ran 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. Bad, I know.

140. I loathe running, though, so it makes sense.

141. But I want to start running again. I really need to get in shape!

142. I'm sick of my poor self image. Really sick of it.

143. I heart Dr. Pepper.

144. I get really thirsty at night. And I drink at least three glasses of water right before bed. Probably why I'm always getting up to pee during the night.

145. Strobe lights totally suck.

146. Every time Adam is gone, the power goes out in our house.

147. I think Makayla is an angel when she's sleeping. She looks so peaceful. It's wonderful.

148. I have never been to a rave or done any drug besides marijuana.

149. I like things that have stars or polka dots on them. Or stripes.

150. I'm 3/4 of the way done with this!! :)

151. I always buy lots of wrapping paper after Christmas when it's on sale, so I can have it for next year. Smart, I tell ya.

152. I save all of my tissue paper from any baby shower or bridal shower I ever had. The bags, too.

153. I kind of hate playing board games. Unless it's Sorry. Which Adam hates to play. So we never play board games together.

154. I have moved 5 times since being married. In four years.

155. I have stretch marks on my stomach and inner thighs.

156. I have an abnormally deep belly button. I think it goes in at least an inch. I'm not even kidding.

157. I hate wearing dresses or skirts. I'm much more comfy in pjs. Sometimes jeans.

158. I already have the names of my next children picked out. I have (at least) one name for a girl and one for a boy.

159. My favorite smell is in autumn when the leaves are all falling and people are burning them. So yummy!

160. I hate cats except for my brother's cat, Trana. She also died. :(

161. I have probably offended at least five people with this post. Oh well. This is about me.

162. I hate when people name their kids with all the same first letter. It's just so weird!!

163. I would much rather stay at home during the evenings than go out on the town somewhere. Don't get me wrong, going out is fun sometimes, but not always.

164. My favorite month is May. My birthday is in May, Adam's birthday is in May, our anniversary is in May and Mother's Day is in May. What's not to love?

165. I google stuff a lot.

166. I think paisley is pretty.

167. I own two pairs on Vans slip-ons and one pair of Chucks.

168. I'm really grasping at things to write about myself here.

169. I love music, but I don't really listen to it that much.

170. I like romantic comedies the best.

171. My Best Friend's Wedding is my favorite movie.

172. I always watch Miracle on 34th Street every year at Christmas time. In fact, I was watching it when I went into labor!!

173. I really hope I never have to get a c-section. My mom had one with me and it does not sound fun at all.

174. I want to run in a 5K someday.

175. I loved getting notes from my friends in high school. We used to fold them up all cool and write about random crap, but it was always fun to write back during class, too. Made it less boring.

176. I just recently started flossing my teeth every day.

177. I get super crazy productive at night. That's probably why I don't go to sleep until really late.

178. I have always wanted to write a novel. I started one a few years ago, but then threw it away.

179. I have a list of movies that I want to watch. I keep adding to it, so I don't think I'll ever watch them all. :)

180. Adam sent me flowers while he was gone this weekend. They're beautiful!!

181. I am not as committed to things as I should be.

182. I really want to get new flooring for our kitchen.

183. I would also like some new couches, but we don't really have the money right now.

184. I'm thankful I don't have to work and can stay home with Makayla.

185. I love to organize papers and put everything away. It's so fun to me!

186. I go to Target at least three times a week. I usually end up buying something frivolous that I don't need.

187. I know four people that are getting married in August. Busy month!

188. Jumping in a pile of leaves sounds really fun right about now.

189. My new favorite snack food is Sun•Maid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins. Yum!

190. I heart fruits and vegetables, but I don't eat nearly enough of them.

191. I take a prenatal vitamin every day even though I'm not pregnant.

192. I could eat french fries every single day. Well, I kind of almost do eat them every single day.

193. My favorite thing in the world is when M voluntarily kisses me with no prompting from me.

194. I absolutely love the church we attend. I know I'll never find one like it anywhere else.

195. I'm so glad Makayla looks like me (she is a girl!), but that she has Adam's eyelashes.

196. MarioKart is my favorite game to play on the Wii.

197.  I very rarely, if ever, paint my fingers and toe nails.

198. I love when my DVDs and/or books are all alphabetized.

199. I read US Weekly every single week. It's my vice. Sorry!

200. I know how completely and truly blessed I am with my life. I thank God every day for the amazing husband and daughter He has given me. I pray that I will never take those gifts for granted.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed it. :)


Michelle said...

Wow. That's a lot of work. Holy Cow. My mom has that fear of holes too. I'm going to tell you about a dream she had that freaked her out so stop reading here if it will give you the willies......She dreamt that she was shaving her legs and when she got to her shin bone there were black holes, evenly spaces all the way down to her ankles. Wierd I know, but it totally grossed her out.

I liked reading all of your stuff. We have A LOT in common.

Vargo said...

OK I loved this post! And I have some comments about them so...

47. I do the same thing and I completely agree about house ice!
73. Definitely not.
82. Same here
99. My favorite feeling ever!
130. Same here and I wonder if that makes me OCD.
156. Mine too! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one!
189. Delicious!

That is all. :)

Nathan said...

14. I beg to differ.

38. I did not remember that...did you forget again now? Does that explain #110?

39. I thought it was longer than I previously said, but I didn't want to (totally) embarrass you.

41. I can't believe I'm only #41 (j/k!).

84. Me too...

123. Best haircut you've ever had.

124. Do you remember saying "I wuz you" (instead of "I love you") in that very same car? I do!

160. :(

177. Me too! Must run in the family.

The Crocks said...

You were also mentioned in #4. :) And yeah, I totally sucked my thumb til I was 11. HAHA!

I love you, big brother!!!

Nathan said...

I almost forgot:

#104. Double :(

Actually I could prolly comment on every one, but nobody else wants to read that! And yeah #4, but that wasn't a good one lol!

Ky and Kami's mom said...

11. Every time I see holes from snow melting, I think of you because I remembered you telling me about this!

46. ME TOO!!!
47. ME TOO!!!

62. Myspace sucks anyways!

69-71. ME TOO!!! (I am saying that a lot, maybe that's why we get along so well)

84. Awww :( Kismet was such a cool doggy!

102. And me making you late all the time because I couldn't wake my tired butt up in the morning?! Haha

127. I despise talking on the phone, I'd rather text or email!!

145. especially in haunted houses, they make me sick.

151. ME TOO!!! I'm obsessed with wrapping paper...but only Christmas wrapping paper!

161. Really? They need to lighten up!

162. I did that, but totally didn't do it on purpose!

175. Remember when we made up our own top secret letters and you got sent to the office because you got caught with a letter in code. That did happen right? Ha!

The Crocks said...


I LOVE that we are so alike!!! And you're the exception to the naming your kids with the same letter rule. :) I so love that you remember so much about me, too!! I miss you, girl!!!

I vaguely remember getting sent to the office for the secret code. We were so cool. Oh wait, we still are.

Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot one.

201. You clear your throat all the time.

I didn't know you were afraid of holes!

Nathan said...

So you prolly can't watch the movie "Holes" with Shia LeBeouf, huh? They literally dig hundreds of holes in the desert. The aerial shots would totally do you in! That's ok, it's not that great of a movie anyways.

Ky and Kami's mom said...

Honestly, there were so many more that I could've said "ME TOO!!!" to, but I wasn't quite as passionate about them haha. And I figured seeing that to 100 out of 200 facts might get annoying. Ha!

Adam (Hubby) said...

10 and 11. So I’m guessing you don’t want to watch that movie “Holes?”

28. ‘kayla is like Dwight Shrute. “I now have the strength of a grown man…and a little baby.”

57. Shut ya freakin’ mouth! You’ve got a content baby and husband. So shut it.

112. His full name is “Ignatius, Fish of Destiny.” He knows at least one type of kung fu. Crazy Uncle Brian refers to him as ‘Master.’

189. No fair! I tried to get you to eat them so long ago!