16 July 2009

Awful Day

Today was horrible. Still kind of is.

So I had big plans to implement my new schedule today. Yes, I'm a dork and have made a schedule of when we are going to do things. It helps me feel more organized and I'm hoping since I've only got one day scheduled for Target, I'll spend less money. Plus, I'm starting school in August, so our errand time will be limited compared to what it is now...unending.

But, I also wanted to go to Solano College and get my books for my classes. It takes at the very least 20 minutes to get to the college from my house. And that's in good traffic. So we get there, I park in the visitor's parking and we're on our way. Well, I can never remember where the freaking bookstore is, so I'm walking around campus like a whackjob. I finally find it, after 20 minutes of walking around, only to see a sign that says they aren't opening the bookstore until August 3rd for fall classes. WTF?

I know I could have just called or checked online, but I guess I twas too excited to do that, so I just went there. Only to be pissed for the rest of the day. 

Needless to say, I didn't make it to the library OR Target. Both of which we are scheduled to now do on Thursdays. Lame. Maybe next Thursday we'll get there? I sure hope so. 


I went to the movies last night by myself. Adam said he'd take care of Makayla since I was with her for four days straight with no one around to help me. I went to see My Sister's Keeper. OMG, is that ever a sad movie! I'm SO glad I went to see it by myself because people always make fun of me for crying at movies and I was bawling during the whole thing!!! It was really good, though. I want to read the book now.


In other news, we started potty training Makayla yesterday!! Mostly today. We got her new potty seat yesterday afternoon. When I was at the movies by myself last night, Adam put her on the potty, but she just kept touching herself. So I guess not so good yet. :)

Today she has been playing with that thing all day long! We got this one....

We also have one that goes on top of the potty, but I read this book called Diaper Free Before 3 that suggests that they have their own potty so their feet can touch the ground, etc. I am still going to use the potty seat, as well. And I got green because it matches her bathroom and in case we have a boy next.

So, she loves this thing. The little white part comes out for easy cleaning. Makayla really just thinks it's a toy and a chair right now, but I'm okay with that. We're starting out slow anyway. I will not let her put things in it, though. She's been trying to do that all day and I do not want to go down that route once she actually starts going in there, ya know?  When she was pooping in her diaper today, I set her on the seat and she kind of freaked out and stopped pooping. 

But she likes to sit on it on her own and carry it around. It's pretty cute. But, like I said, we're taking this business slow. I'm just glad I'm starting earlier than most parents. Maybe that'll give her a leg up in preschool? And since she can already read....

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