17 July 2009

Poop and Check Ups

Makayla's 18 month check up was today.
She weighs 25 lbs. and 12 oz.
She is 30 1/2 inches tall.
She's so tiny, but our pediatrician tells me that she's fine. She's never really going to be tall, so I'm okay with that. :)

Also? This morning, Makayla pooped in her diaper. And got it all over her crib. 

I went in to get her this morning and I smelled something foul. Not a good sign when you go to get your child out of their room from the evening slumber, am I right? So I walk over to get her out and it reeks even worse. There are streaks of poop everywhere on her crib sheet. 

I proceed to pick her up and her beloved doggie has poop covering his belly. I can tell it's going to be a good day. At least I got 12 hours of sleep last night. Yeah, I went to bed at 8:30pm. What can I say? I've been exhausted lately!
Anywho, while I was cleaning her up, I saw that she put her hands in her diaper. That's why there were streaks all over her crib sheet. She also had poop underneath her fingernails. It was yummy. I cleaned her and her crib all up and we came downstairs to have breakfast and start some laundry. At least that's the first time it happened.

Makayla's 18 month appointment was at 11:30 this morning and she had kind of a weird morning (up at 6, back down at 7ish, up at 7:30ish and back down again until 8:15), so I didn't put her down for a morning nap for fear of missing her appointment and we all know that I do NOT wake a sleeping child, so I kept her up. She did fine.

After the appt., we came home and she went to bed at around 12:15 and slept until 2:15!!! Maybe this is the start of one nap?? I kind of hope so because I'm starting school in August and I'll be going to classes during her first nap and I really don't want the woman who is going to watch her to have to deal with naptimes and all that. Anyway, I guess we'll see how it goes.

Went to Target today. I know I said I wasn't going to go until next Thursday, but I figured since I didn't get to go yesterday that I could make up for it today. And there were actually things we needed. I also found a bangin' dress!! It's so pretty and it was only $16 bucks!! I am so going back to get more. I figured dresses would be super easy to wear since it's so stinkin' hot and I loathe wearing clothes, plus it's flowy and super cute. I dig it.

I keep also forgetting to mention that we started Volume 2 of Makayla's Your Baby Can Read series on the 14th. Just wanted to throw that in there for my records. She has to watch this one for two months. She already knows hair, hat, chin and says ball from it. This kid, I tell ya.

That is all.

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