26 June 2009

True Love

There is no greater love than between a mother and her child.

This morning Makayla decided she wanted to wake up at 6:30am after not going to bed until 8:00pm. I thought since she went to bed later than usual that she'd sleep in. Not so. Although yesterday morning she did sleep in until 8:45am, so I should have known....

So she screamed and cried for about 10 minutes before I realized that she would not be going back to bed. I went in and picked up her sweet little body, sat down in the chair and immediately she realized that she didn't have her two beloved 'doggies', so I got back up and grabbed them from her crib along with her blanket. We sat back down in the chair, her holding her doggies wrapped in her blanket and me holding her.

We sat there for half an hour while I rocked her. I had my eyes closed for a little bit (so tired!), but once I opened them, I couldn't close them again. She was so beautiful. She was staring up at me, just laying there in my arms. I started rubbing her head and stroking her hair and her eyes started to droop a little bit. I thought she was going to fall asleep, but she didn't. She was just peaceful and comfortable in my arms. 

Adam recently taught her how to kiss her doggies on the lips and now she loves when we kiss them, too. So after a while, she started shoving her doggies in my face and I would kiss them and she would smile so big. And then right before she decided to get up, I kissed one of her doggies and she giggled a sweet little giggle. 

Eventually she started to get restless and wanted nothing but to get up and go. It was nearly 7:00am and I was still exhausted, but boy oh boy, am I ever glad that I got to share that moment with my sweet baby girl the day after her 18 month birthday. She is growing up and I am so happy I could have a little glimpse of how life used to be this morning.

I just soaked up every single moment of that 30 minutes. Just me and my sweet little baby girl. Nothing else in the world mattered when I was looking into those eyes. It was a precious moment that I will never forget.

After I put her down, she was non stop talking for about 10 minutes straight. It was precious, just pointing at everything and telling me all sorts of things! I never knew I could love a little person this much. She is my world.


The Gerster Family said...

So precious. I LOVE those mommy/daughter moments. It makes the hard times a little easier

Becks said...

What a sweet post! We are so blessed as moms aren't we? It is undescribable!