24 June 2009

My 18 Month Old!

Makayla is a brilliant child. I'm sure you all already knew that, but it's worth saying again.

So, what's she been up to now that she is 18 months old? Well, I'll tell you!


-gives kisses now! I've been trying to teach her how for a long time and I guess it finally just clicked on the 23rd! I said, 'Give Mommy a kiss' before I left and she just stayed right there with her mouth closed and I kissed her on the lips. So precious. And now we always kiss. I love it! She loves kissing her stuffed animals, too, but that's old news.

-can growl like a tiger. I need to get that one on video. She can also sound like a monkey.

-has not mastered using a fork, even though we give her one at every meal. She still loves to hold the fork in one hand and pick up her food in the other hand.

-loves to have two of everything. Graham crackers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc. I think she wants one for each hand, but she usually eats them together.

-loves to wear Mommy's slippers all over the house. If I ever have them on, she cries until I take them off and give them to her. She will also carry them around if she doesn't feel like wearing them.

-has a crazy attachment to two stuffed animal dogs. 

-loves her baby dolls and putting them in her stroller and taking them for a walk. When she goes for a 'walk', she looks at me, waves and says 'bye bye!'.

-says 'up' whenever she wants to get up or down.

-is the absolute most precious and wonderful child I have ever laid eyes on!!!

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