24 June 2009

VBS and Doctor's Appointment

This week at our church is VBS...vacation bible school. It is so much fun! I am a preschool crew leader and I love it! I just keep thinking about how it's getting me ready for when Makayla is a preschooler. They have so many ideas and questions and are so talkative! HAHA! It can be a problem when they're supposed to be listening, but hey, they're kids. What are you gonna do, right?

So yesterday night there was this girl that came for the first time and she was telling on another kid for doing something and another leader said, 'Who was it?' and the girl said, 'The boy with the black skin!!' and she totally yelled it and I felt so bad, but the boy didn't hear her, so that's good. Also last night, my other crew leader told me she was glad I was there because she couldn't do it without me. She told me I keep her sane. That made me feel really good...to know that I'm needed there. It's also been giving me a sense of purpose. Like I know I have a purpose in taking care of Makayla, but the mundane of every day life gets old sometimes, ya know? 

Also, I've been having a lot more energy lately. Last week I was exhausted all week long and this week, I have been go, go, go!! I've been straightening up our house, getting things to finish projects that should have been finished (or started!) a long time ago, making things, catching up on blogging and doing VBS! I have been organizing up a storm, too. I alphabetized all of our DVDs the other day. I know, I'm crazy. They used to be, but then Makayla would always get into them, so I quit trying to put them back. But now, I closed it up so she can't get into it. I love having things organized! Even all of my closets are organized. I'm nuts.

So yesterday I went to the doctor for my follow up appointment and she could even tell a difference from the last time I went in to see her. It probably doesn't help that the last time I went in, I cried as soon as she came into the room, but at least she noticed a difference. That means thing are working! Yay! Also, I have this wart on my foot (gross, I know) that has been there for YEARS and I never got it taken care of because I was afraid of the freezing stuff they put on it, but lately it's been really hurting me, so she started the freezing process. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! Really! She said it will probably take at least 3 times to get it all the way gone, though, so that kind of sucks. Gotta go back in 2-3 weeks for the next one. It doesn't take long, though, so that's good.

Speaking of my appointment, Adam took the morning off work to stay home with Makayla so I wouldn't have to wrangle her while I'm trying to get my foot amputated. He's wonderful. I had no idea that he didn't actually have the time to take off, so now he's got to work 3 hours extra every day for the rest of the week! I feel so bad! He has an appointment tomorrow, too, so he has to make up that time, as well. Anyway, I felt really bad, but he told me not to worry about it because he is amazing. Adam will and does do anything for me. Gah, I love him!!!

Last night I started making Makayla's 'fat' crayons because I got my ice cube tray in the mail yesterday. I was so excited to do it, I couldn't wait until this morning! Good thing I was watching Tori and Dean last night, so I could work on the crayons. HAHA! I took all the paper off of them and broke them into smaller pieces so they would fit in the molds. And then I waited until this morning to finish them.

I put them in the oven for probably close to 20 minutes at 275ºF and I totally melted the ice cube tray! It was worth it, though. They are so adorable. I took pictures, but you guessed it, haven't uploaded them yet. Be on the lookout soon(ish). They look really cute and Makayla has been upstairs (with me!) playing with them for 20 minutes now. She hasn't actually colored with them, but I think she likes how chunky they are.

Also this morning, we were playing with Makayla's balls. She has three different sizes. Adam started this game with her a long time ago where you throw one of the smaller balls at one of the bigger ones and they go flying in different directions. It works really well in our living room because our ceilings are so high. Nothing has gotten broken yet, so that's good. So anyway, we were doing that this morning and every time the balls would go flying Makayla would clap and scream. It was so precious. And then she started throwing the balls and clapping and yelling after she threw it. It's little things like that that bring all the joy I have into my life. I love Makayla so very, very much and I am so blessed to be her mommy!!!

I've got a huge stack of books that I have been wanting to read for a while and I am getting some more in the mail this week. I ordered some books off amazon that I've been wanting and I got one for a penny! I had to pay $3.99 shipping, but still it was only 4 bucks! Not too bad! I love reading mommy books, so that's what all of them are. I can't wait to get them! Right now I'm reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I still don't know if it's true or not, but I don't care. It's entertaining. I've been meaning to look it up on the internet, though, so I'm going to go do that.

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