27 June 2009

This Week....

...has been crazy busy!!!

I had VBS every single night this week, which was AWESOME! I freaking love those kids! Preschoolers are seriously the best. They were all so sweet and fun to hang out with every night. There was this one girl that has a tongue like Makayla's. That might sound really weird, so let me explain....

When Makayla was born, the doctors told us that her frenulum (the part on the bottom of your tongue that connects it to your mouth) was longer than normal. So hers goes to the tip of her tongue. They said we could get it cut, blah blah blah. At first I really wanted to, but we never did. One of the girls in my group had the same thing and since she was four and could talk and everything I had her stick out her tongue, lift it up and all this stuff. She probably thought I was nuts. HAHA! After VBS I talked to her mom about it and her mom said that she wanted to get it cut, but the doctors wouldn't do it. Anyway, the girl speaks perfectly fine...she just moves her mouth a little bit more than everyone else, so I'm like whatevs. I was just worried about M having a lisp or something and this girl could speak rather well, so that made me feel better.

And last night after VBS was over, I was helping tear everything down from the week. I am so happy that I got to serve in my church again! It's been quite a while since I have done anything and it felt wonderful to know that I was serving the Lord and storing up my treasure in Heaven. When we were all done cleaning up, I had the glorious opportunity to apologize to someone that I have needed to apologize to for YEARS. Not kidding. Years.

Ya see, I used to be a helper for Sunday School a few years back (2-3 years, I believe) and one day, me and the other girl didn't show up for the class. We both knew it was our day, but we just didn't feel like going. So, the woman in charge of the children's ministry had to teach our class that we missed. I didn't really think anything of it at the time because I was being selfish. But soon after that incident, our pastor did a sermon and brought up that EXACT same account in his message. Wow. And of course I knew it was me he was talking about! I don't normally get to see this particular woman very often and I was always really nervous about talking to her about it. So after we were done cleaning up, I took her aside and apologized and started bawling!!! I felt so stupid, but she forgave me and I am so thankful!!!! She didn't have to forgive me, but she did and that is amazing. After all these years, too! The grace of God is powerful. I also told her I want to get plugged back into the children's ministry where ever she needs me and she said she would put me in there. I was and am on cloud nine. It was really great to me to be able to do that last night. What a weight lifted off my shoulders!

This morning Makayla had her make-up gymnastics class. She missed this past Wednesday because the gymnastics leaders had camp, so we went this morning. It was nice because Adam got to see her do her thang. Also, I gave one of the moms my number and she called me yesterday for a playdate! We're going to her house this Wednesday to go swimming. I'm excited! So anyway, she was there and we met each other's husbands and actually got to talk some more because our men were chasing the kids around. :) 

Well, M woke up a little later than usual this morning (8am instead of 7:30am) and the class starts at 9am AND we had to take Adam's car to the Honda dealer to get it serviced because it's been needing it for a LOOOOOONG time, so we were rather rushed this morning. I think we were a few minutes late to gymnastics, but oh well...we made it! But that set the tone for the rest of the day...I had a bridal shower to go to that started at 11am and I didn't get there until 11:30ish. It was all good. I also had to pick up a gift, so I had Adam do that after I got out of the shower to save me some time and it did! It was a nice shower and I left there at 2:30ish and came home, hung out with M and Adam, put M down for her second nap and Adam and I watched two episodes of Smallville. We heart that show! Then we all went to In-N-Out for dinner. Yum! Makayla loves their grilled cheese. She ate almost the whole thing! And she loves dipping it in ketchup. She kept dipping her fries in the ketchup and then sucking the ketchup off and dipping it again. Hilarious!

Tomorrow we've got church in the morning and then I'm going to my friend Holly's house after church to hang out while Adam watches M. He has been such a saint this week . He watched her every night except last night (we had to get a sitter because he already had plans) and then today while I was at the shower AND tomorrow afternoon! And then on Monday I am going to my friend Melinda's house to hang out with her and he'll be watching M again! I love him so much. He is such a wonderful husband!! Then Tuesday I've got a dentist appointment, finally! We've already got a full week!

I am so, so blessed.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to patch things up with that woman. It always makes me feel better and lighter when I tie up lose ends! God's grace is amazing. I hope you can get involved with children's ministries, that would be so much fun!!

Ky and Kami's mom said...

Yaaay for the playdate! I'm glad that worked out for you :)